The customer is job…1000

Have you ever been told “It’s our policy” or “Our policies and procedures require” or “prohibit?” I work in a customer service business and as a trainer, it is part of my job to teach employees how to deal with customers. One of the cardinal rules is never, EVER, use the “Policy” card to excuse bad customer service.

It’s kind of like being told, “I’m sorry, but I don’t date…..” insert whatever you are there. Or having a prospective employer tell you, “you’re overqualified for the position.” It is a lie, but the real motive is that they don’t want you. The old “It’s our policy” is a lie too. What they’re really saying is they don’t want your business.

Anytime some business lays that line on you, they are saying that your satisfaction as a customer is not as important as their bottom line or profit margin on whatever sale in which you are involved. They want your money, but not your business. They do not care if you come back, either because they figure one customer (you) doesn’t matter, or they plan on one-shot business to sustain them.

In this economy, one might predict that the separation between big business and the little guy will widen as more and more small businesses are forced to close as customers consolidate their shopping in the big retailers. You might think that the big business would be thankful for the revenue stream. But in reality, the big stores suck in the customers, but cut their staff. They rack in the dollars, but cut customer service.

When problems arise, the pursuit of the almighty dollar, the bottom line is always how much money will it cost me to keep a customer and how much money will that customer make me. If the result is not a high enough dollar amount, that customer is cut loose. The business will just right off any potential revenue. A buck in the hand is worth two in the bush.

The sad thing is that businesses that adopt this attitude will have a sad day when the customer once again has a choice. Business’s cannot afford to alienate customers now or else they will find those customers more than happy to carry their business elsewhere.

What can you do about it? Carry your business elsewhere now before they get comfortable hearing the cash register ring. Vote with your wallet. Don’t buy from businesses with poor customer service. Shop at stores that remember the customer is the key to their business. Eventually, they will get the message.


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