Bottom of the Third

Ever wonder who to blame for the problems we have today? I have heard many people blame the woes of the world including the recession, unemployment, swine flu, the slumping housing market and the rollercoaster ride that is the cost of a gallon of gas on George W. I am not an excuser, and I do not absolve the former president of responsibility in the crisis, but it is not all his fault. The real problem we have now is not really the economy. It is not really the housing market. It is not the recession at all. The problem in which we find ourselves as a nation is one of polarized values. We are lined up on opposite sides of one line and cannot find the middle.

As a nation, we elected George after becoming disillusioned with the Democratic Party since Clinton left a bad taste in the mouths of many a voter. The Dems put Al Gore up against a personable southern regular guy and though the election was close (and disputed) GW took the office. He led the nation through one of the most trying times for any president and enjoyed high popularity numbers for his first term. High enough to get him re-elected. But he had a bad cabinet. He had bad advisors. He made some mistakes. Unfortunately, his mistakes were quite costly in American lives and in national prestige abroad. His policies isolated us with his cowboy attitude and forced the American public to rethink their values.

In no time previously has the country been so divided along the traditional party lines. Right and left, red and blue, we are being pulled in one of two directions. Even during the elections, the map of the country is colored with the Red states being attributed to the conservative republican part while the Blue states are considered liberal Democrat. The two parties divide the house and senate by sitting on opposite sides of the room, Democrats on the Left and Republicans on the right. Throughout history, we laud the leader who can pull support from both sides of the house and foster “Bi-partisan” efforts. We come together and do good things as a nation when we find the middle ground.

But the last two years of the Bush administration forced America into one of the two camps and left little room for equivocation. Rhetoric and propaganda was spread wide and thick as the partisan bickering in the house and senate saw a shift away from the questionable policies of the administration. Democrats won the majority of the seats in both the house and senate and thus began a slide that pushed people even farther away from the middle.

When the Fanny Mae and Freddie Mack scandal broke and started the economic slide into the recession, everyone was quick to blame Bush. They sad fact is that Bush had little or nothing to do with that issue. Believe it or not, the mortgage crisis was created during the Clinton Administration when he encouraged the development of the sub-prime market by fool-heartedly fostering a belief that everyone deserves to own a home of their own, whether or not they can afford one.

The Democratic congress pushed for the economic stimulus plan that has created the biggest national deficit in the history of mankind, but blamed it on Bush. The dems really pulled a media blitz to further alienate the republican party, knowing that they were in a position to do pretty much whatever they wanted in that they could get a woman or even a black man elected to the highest office in the land. They set out to do just that. Howard Dean, a former presidential candidate himself, created a plan and drove that plan home. He handpicked his candidate—one that had almost no political experience (which turns out can work since he had no derogatory political baggage either)—and manipulated the media to ensure his election. Hillary was allowed to run to make it seem fair and to create the illusion of a race. The republicans knew that they had no real candidate to put up against either Hillary or Obama, so they got one that it wouldn’t hurt if he lost. He was expendable. They kept any real candidate in the wings, prepping them for a 2012 run.

Since the nation was divided and even many staunch republicans were dissatisfied with the administration, they listened to the mantra being chanted by the Obama campaign of “change” even though they never once said what the change would be.

Now that we have ratified the appointment of Obama as president, the democrats now have full control of the executive and legislative branches of government. And they still have a huge influence in the judiciary. Now is the time we see the true purpose of the democratic agenda. A push toward Socialism. Don’t believe me? The government has already taken over two major corporations and now is moving to take over health care. Redistribution of wealth is the next step. They will try it. Watch and see.

So, are the Sociocrats to blame? The lame-duck republicans? No. We are to blame. We, the people. We have forgotten the rule of three. The triptych. All good things come in threes. The branches of government are Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Three. Our flag and national colors are Red, White and Blue. Three. We worship the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Again, three.

The colors of our flag and our nation are not just red and blue, so why are our states represented only by those two colors? We need a third option. We need to take control of this pendulum and create some choices.



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  1. That’s the most uninformed post I’ve read all day.


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