Open your mouth and say Ah!

I had a startling realization today. Like most epiphanies, after I realized it I slapped myself in the head for not seeing it sooner; it was so obvious. I am a conservative voice in a liberal-controlled media. It still makes me shake my head. Those of you who know me may remember that I considered myself a moderate for the longest time; until about eight years ago or so. But the moderates have no real position. They swing from one side of the fence to the other depending on which way the wind blows. The realization that I needed to stand on principal came with a decision to align myself with those who share my values and belief system.

This is not to say I agree with every tenant of the conservative position. I am not a radical anything. I disagree on some points, but support most to varying degrees, which I think describes your average person.

Now, here today, during a time when Liberal Democrats have unprecedented control over our government, it is clear that those dissenting voices with the ability to speak out and articulate the opposing views must do so and do so now.

The media has long been a puppet of the liberals; Hollywood has catered to them for years. Many cable channels devote 90 percent of their original programming to promoting ultra liberal issues. The news has long been enamored with the Democratic Party, even going so far as to report slanderous stories about prominent republicans without fact checking first. Most blogs are liberal mouthpieces; spouting the democratic party line and worshiping at the Obama alter (there are some notable exceptions and I do not mean to impugn those of you who do not).

I posted a blog yesterday evening about how polarized America has become. This was not my first blog, but my WordPress blog is new and I have not yet begun to actively promote it. I did not anticipate any comments—heck—I didn’t even expect anyone to actually be reading it yet. But this morning, there was a comment on that entry. I was tickled at first. I mean, it is a nice validation when someone comments on some piece of writing. So, I opened the comment and it said “That’s the most uninformed post I’ve read all day.”


Not the best kudo I have ever received.

After I swallowed and caught my breath and calmed the voices in my head urging me to eviscerate this obviously idiotic dolt who knows nothing about character and taste or tact, I replied “Thank you for reading and for your partisan retort.” I try to take the high road whenever expedient.

But that was when it hit me. Well, not exactly then, but that is what got the gears turning that produced the realization. (I think it is important to be accurate with my metaphors. Don’t you?) He is a liberal blogger. His blog is “The Drudge Retort” a slap in the face of the Drudge Report, a legitimate website that loves to expose liberal underhandedness. Anyway, he—like so many liberals in the online community—assumes that anyone that doesn’t drink the Obama Koolaid is an idiot or, at best, uninformed.

So, armed with that realization, I sit here blogging again from my comfortable conservative chair. And I will continue to do so. Someone has to counter the blitz of media mouthpieces drowning out the average conservative voice. Might as well be me.

If you are reading this, please say you agree or disagree, just to let me know someone actually reads this.


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