Saturday Strikes Back

I posted a blog a little while back about how to kill a Saturday. Did it ever occur to you that maybe Saturdays don’t want to be killed? Maybe Saturday might try to strike back? Well, Saturday kicked my butt today. After getting up at 7 am (like I always do—thanks, sore back) I got to sit for oh, about an hour before the day came a-calling.

The dog pen in the back yard needed to be disassembled (no disassemble! Johnny 5 is alive) and the yard needs to be mowed and the tile in the kitchen needs finishing and the walls in the kitchen need painting and the curtains and blind need removing and new blinds bought and installed, the garden in the front yard needs weeding and mulching and a retaining wall and the list goes on.

The sad part is that this list of time consuming, back-breaking, sweat-inducing, exhausting chores by no means indicates that I have not been keeping the maintenance up on this house. Why just last week, I low-crawled through the attic to repair a short in the porch wiring, mowed the yard, and several other similarly time consuming chores.

I was warned that home ownership meant excessive amounts of work (and trips to the hardware store) but this is ridiculous.

Well, no it isn’t. I actually like most of it, as tiring as it is. I like fixing things. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment when something that was not working starts working again. I get the same rush when I finish an upgrade, to be able to enjoy the new features. I just wish it didn’t cost so much!

But after one tiring day, I have finished placing the tile in the kitchen. I do not have to cut or glue anymore tile. Yay! Michelle got the primer coat of paint three-quarters done while I took off the faceplates and decorations and curtains and blinds. We also dug up the garden and started laying the wall bricks. We even took down most of the dog pen. I even managed to update the firmware on my NAS and fix some minor annoying glitches in my network drive mapping. So I got to be domestic and geeky in the same day.

Tomorrow we get to grout the new tiles, paint the kitchen, finish the retaining wall and spread the mulch and finish the backyard. It’s do-able.

So, as much as I may try to kill a Saturday every once in a while, I now know that Saturdays can strike back. Keep your eyes open, and don’t turn your back on a Saturday.

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