Monday Meander

Monday is a hard day for me, at least from a writing perspective. It is a Monday, after all, with all the negative stigma it so richly deserves; but it is also my prime TV watching night. And I do not mean football. While I enjoy the game from a strictly macho perspective—I’m a man, so somehow it is wired in me—I do not watch every event that is aired. By the way, remind me to go into my theories about the NFL and entertainment and the networks sometime. It’ll be a hoot. No, Monday is Heroes night. Followed up with The Big Bang Theory and then the DVR’d How I met your mother.

So, the problem is that after watching those shows, it is late and if I had not already formulated a story idea, it could be a late night pecking one out of the cobweb-covered, labyrinthine corridors of my peculiar psyche. Now, if I don’t have a topic, I usually start freewriting, which consist of the writing equivalent of a walkabout. I merely start typing the first thing that pops into my brain, and then hope it leads somewhere interesting.

Where to go….where to go….oh! Here’s something: While watching Big Bang (and that show gets funnier and funnier, which I find odd, since I didn’t like the pilot at all) my DVR somehow lost about five minutes in its recording. It recorded as it was programmed (I saw the little light indicating so) and I was watching time shifted for a while, but when I tried to back it up at the end, it hung up and went nowhere. I mention this only because it was peculiar.

I hung a new light fixture this evening. We got it at Lowes. We have been shopping there exclusively since I declared war on Home Depot. A war, I am happy to report, we are well on the way to winning. We heard back from the corporate office on our counter installation complaint and they offered what we were asking for. Now we just have to dot the I’s and cross the T’s and the matter will be behind us. Aside from the money, it will be good to resume shopping there. Lowe’s is OK, but Home Depot offers a nice diversion.

Oh, and we sold the dog pen we had in our backyard. Chalk one successful listing up on Craig’s List. We have had mixed results with Craig’s List in the past, but this time it sold in a day and to the third person who responded, and for the original asking price. No negotiation. Yea, that’s how it’s done. I sold an HDTV there last year. It took forever to sell it and I had to lower my price well below what I wanted for it to get rid of it. Not this time!

Well this concludes the little foray into my Monday night brain. My eyelids are getting heavy and the captain has turned on the “fasten your seatbelt” signs. Please return your seat backs to the upright position and close your tray tables. We will be departing again tomorrow night—perhaps with an actual destination in mind. Thank you for travelling Dave Hand. Have a good night.


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