For the love of Tuesdays

Who loves Tuesday? If there is a day of the week that gets no credit, it has to be Tuesday. Tuesday is the equivalent of the slightly undersized, nerdy, outcast on the playground that always gets picked last. As Rodney Dangerfield would say, Tuesday gets no respect, no respect at all.

In the popularity contest of the days of the week, the weekend gets all the love. Friday is king because that is the day everyone looks forward to during the week. It even has a phrase copywritten for it: “Thank God It’s Friday.” Everyone has said it at least once in their lives, most at least every week. There is a restaurant named for it in TGI Fridays. TV show and movie characters have been named Friday. All the new movies come out on Friday. Everyone loves Friday.

Saturday comes in a close second place since it is the weekend and it is usually considered the “fun” day. Saturday night is considered “date night” or the party night. It is the day people set aside for fun family activities like picnics and amusement parks and day trips. It is universally the day for getting out and having a good time. Some people use Saturday as a chore day; mowing, gardening painting the house, but it still beats any weekday.

Sunday shares the weekend glory, but it falls behind Saturday only because it is followed closely by Monday. Sunday is church day for many people, and kids may think it is a drag, but for the devout, it is a glorious day. After church, Sunday is a day of rest. Relaxing, napping, sedate activities that are not tiring is de rigueur for a Sunday. A nice lazy day to reenergize before the work week starts.

So in the hierarchy of respect for days, the weekend rocks, but think about the work week. Monday is reviled. It means the weekend is over and heralds an end to fun and relaxation. It means getting back to work. Back to the grind. Back to the boss’s bad cologne. Back to the slave drive. No one likes Monday, but everyone pays attention to it. It gets respect because it is so hated.

The next day in the list is Hump Day. The middle of the week, Wednesday gets a lot of attention because it means the week is halfway over. “Hey, at least it’s Humpday,” is a phrase said almost as often as TGIF. The weekend is in sight. It’s all downhill from here. Relief is only 48 hours away. We can hang on till Friday. It’s Humpday.

So that leaves Tuesday and Thursday, but Thursday lives in Friday’s shadow. Many people start their weekend on Thursday since it is so close to Friday. Thursday is better thought of than Tuesday since most people plan things for Thursdays. Nightclubs have specials on Thursdays. Stores have sales on Thursdays. Lady’s night is usually Thursday. People respect Thursday.

But who cares about Tuesday? What does Tuesday do for you? It’s not leading into the weekend. It’s not the beginning of the week. It’s not the middle of the week. It’s a day with no purpose other than to separate Wednesday from Monday. It’s the poor little kid no one picks for their team. It’s the red-headed step child of the calendar. The black sheep. The odd man out.

I say let’s enjoy Tuesday. After all, if something unexpected happens in your life, it usually on a Tuesday. It’s also a cause for celebration that you survived Monday. Take a load off and chill on Tuesdays and get ready for Humpday. Remember, Tuesday needs love too.

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One response to “For the love of Tuesdays

  1. Michelle

    I like Tuesdays! It’s not Monday.


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