Oink, cough

Swine flu kills and kills indiscriminately. No one is safe. If you contract swine flu, you will die. This seems to be the message the media is spreading on every newscast and in every text outlet they can find. According to the news reports it is deadly and reporters jump on every death like a pack of hyenas trying to rip the carcass to bits. What they don’t mention, or at lease don’t mention prominently is that every death attributed to swine flu (at least in Houston) was not actually caused by the flu. Every person who contracted swine flu that died was already sick, some already gravely ill, and it was the combination of illnesses that killed them.

Yet the media and even the Center for Disease Control would have you believe your health is in grave danger. It’s only a matter of time before the plague strikes. There’s an epidemic and we all have to get inoculated to save ourselves. Why do we allow such doomsayers to cause so much alarm?

People have been getting sick since the dawn of civilization. Put three people in close proximity and someone will get sick. It is a fact of life. Kids start getting sick when they are first put into a day care because they are crowded into rooms with anywhere from 5 to 25 other kids; each with a full set of germs. This is actually beneficial because when kids get these normal childhood diseases, it builds their immune systems.

That is probably the main reason so many people are being affected by the flu (swine or otherwise); they are so germophobic that they sanitize everything, avoid exposure to anything and load up on antibiotics. What people seem to forget is that human immune system is like any other parts of the body; it needs exercise to be strong. It needs to fight germs to keep itself in fighting trim. Denying it routine exposure to germs is the same as sitting on the couch 12 hours a day every day. You turn to flab and your immune system gets weak.

But as for the H1N1 virus, if you are healthy, you really have nothing to worry about from the swine flu. If you are already dying, however, it might accelerate the process. There definitely is a real concern to this flu strain, but not to the extent that the media builds it up to be. If people continue to live their lives and be smart about taking care of themselves, then there is nothing to worry about. It is as simple as that.

You get the flu. You get over the flu. That’s how life works. If you get the flu and ignore the symptoms and place yourself under great stress, or subject yourself to other illnesses, you could be putting yourself in danger. This is common sense.

The media is screaming now about the availability of the swine flu vaccine. The world will end if everyone doesn’t get the vaccination. The media blitz is even feeding into conspiracy theories about a government mandate to get the vaccine. One theory holds that a new prison is being setup to quarantine those who refuse to get the shot. Now, I know this is untrue, but the point is that the media is fueling this paranoia as well as paranoia that we’re all going to die from the flu. It is all nothing more than media hype.

Get the shot, don’t get the shot. If you’re healthy, it’s up to you. If you’re sick, maybe you should think about it more. There is no law or mandate that compels you or your family members to take the vaccine. Doctors will strongly advise that you get the shot. It makes them money and it makes them feel validated. Besides, their bosses are the same people feeding the media all the hype. I’m sure there has to be at least one old time country doctor who has a sensible, non-lawsuit-minded attitude who would say you don’t need it. How many of you did not take the vaccine last year and got the swine flu? I did not take the shot, I did not get the flu. I did not take the shot this year. So far, so good.



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2 responses to “Oink, cough

  1. Why waste a perfectly good crisis? It’s a great opportunity to grow the federal government even further. Can’t let that slide, no you can’t…


  2. Mom

    Wait until you see what they do with the health care reform! Half of America will work for the government!


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