How Much For That Vote In The Window

The biggest political debacle with the most potential social impact is well under way and could affect every American when it is enacted. Health care is a hot button topic in this Democratic-majority government in which we find ourselves. The socialist-leaning democratic party under control of uber-socialist, ultra-left Pelosi and Obama have force-fed their agenda to the American public for the past year and many who voted for them are finally waking up to the realization that they made a mistake. Even the democratic congress is fracturing under the strain of a ultra-left administration.

In order to push their issue through the senate and the house, Obama and senate majority leaders have used several tactics to garner the votes needed to over-ride republican attempts to block the legislation. In the end, these tactics worked as several democratic hold-outs changed their votes to support the measure, despite their well-justified concerns about its impact. Senators Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Ben Nelson of Nebraska all initially indicated their intention to vote against the measure, but changed their mind at the last minute after constant haggling with party leadership.

Now, ideally the political system is designed to have individuals represent a group of people who live in a state in this country. This is to simplify the voting process. Senators are supposed to enact the will of their constituents in government. They are to vote as their districts wish in all things. The same holds true of the House. But in both cases, it is exceptionally rare that the will of the people is actually considered in voting. Many Americans have grown quite cynical about the process and consider all politicians crooks.

A comic strip set it into perspective this way: you are a die-hard sports fan and you always support your team. You root for them all the time and cheer loudly for them during games. I offer you $1000 dollars to root for this other team just once. You say ‘hey, it’s a thousand bucks and I can still root for my team next week. Besides the outcome of this game is pretty much set, so my cheering won’t make the difference. Sure, why not, just this once, root for the other guy.’ This is the modern political scene. Never mind that you have forsaken your team. Never mind the fact that you just sold your vote; you got a thousand bucks.

Ben Nelson sold out his constituents of Nebraska in order to appease party leadership. Maybe just so they could be home for Christmas, but we will never know everything that the dems used to entice these senators to sell out their states; suffice to say it must have been a good deal. The only way we can prevent this kind of force-fed legislation is to put people of character who remember where they come from and who put them into office in the first place.

Calling your senator or congressman is one step in getting your vote considered, but in the end, those we elect will cast their votes their way. Think about this when casting your vote in the senate, congressional and presidential elections. Only vote for those who remember the mandate written into our founding principles: Of the People, By the People and For the People.

On a side note, has anyone asked of Obama and the Dems what the rush is? Why is it so crucial that this measure be passed now? Why can they not publish a fully detailed plan written in simplified language so that everyone can read it before calling for a vote? It is simple. This plan is not just about health care. It is either so loaded with pork-barrel items or it is masking a law that the Dems know the American people won’t support that they want to hide it in this legislation. It is a tried and true ploy of misdirection. Make a big fuss with the left hand so that no one knows what the right hand is doing. The sad fact is that we won’t know what our politicians voted in until it is too late. We can only hope that once these mongrels are finally voted out of office, that we can undo the damage they are about to enact.


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  1. Michelle

    Why can’t a state pass it first or something similar so it will not effect so many. That’s how our government is supposed to work.


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