G’nip G’nop

I was a ping pong ball today. Well, actually, I have been getting knocked back and forth since last week. Have you ever been told one thing, only to be told the exact opposite thing shortly after? Not the simple yes/no/maybe; I’m talking flip flopping 6 times before getting a final answer. I’m still not certain the issue won’t change at least one more time before it is too late to do anything about it.

Last week, I was in a training planning meeting to discuss a new product rollout and the corporate office had set up a train-the-trainer session in Denver for our partners. It was mentioned that a trainer from our office should attend and my name was put forward to go. Now, I like travelling, even if it is for business, as long as it isn’t for too long or too often, so I had no real issues with going. I mean, it is my job after all. Besides, it is a chance to eat good on the company dime. I have enjoyed some wonderful meals at wonderful restaurants on these trips. And who doesn’t like seeing new sights?

So, I was told to make plans to go. I did. I rescheduled some training I was scheduled to teach and looked up flight information. I was all set when I got an email from my boss just before the end of the day that the plans had changed and I was not going. Ok, I figure no problem. I’m flexible. It’s one of the aspects of my personality that I count among the best. You have to be adaptable if you want to grow and improve yourself, right? Besides, I had a class on schedule this week anyway. I went home, told Michelle that I was supposed to go, but then not and we had a laugh about it and that was that. She even said how much she wished we could both go.

The next day, at the follow up planning meeting, my boss said to me “David, can you be ready to go to Denver?” Ok, I figure that business plans change. We, as professionals, need to be adaptable. Sure, I can be ready to go. No problem. My boss told me to wait to book until she confirms with division, but that I should consider it a go. At least until I hear otherwise. Well, I heard otherwise by the close of business. No go. This was Friday.

This morning, I check my email and there is a message from the boss saying to be ready to go. Followed about an hour later by a message to wait until I hear more. I reply to that email only to get an auto message saying the boss was out of office. Well, how am I supposed to hear more? When I finally get through, I am told to go ahead and book the trip. I do that. I dutifully whip out the credit card and book the flight, the hotel and the rental car. It is snowing in Denver, by the way. I love snow. It’s so pretty. Then corporate emails me and asks “why are you coming to this training? It isn’t for you, it’s for the partners.” So, the boss says cancel the trip.

G’nip G’nop.

So, as of right now, I am NOT going to Denver. But that could change. The training doesn’t start until 9 am Denver time. I could still make it if they tell me to go before 5 am Tuesday. After all, this ping pong ball still has some bounce left in it.



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6 responses to “G’nip G’nop

  1. What a douche! I’m sorry if that language is offensive… but really… that is a completely douche-ish thing to do. I mean if she can’t even get herself straight, and delegate orders in a cohesive and logical manner… why is she boss? I hold my tongue pretty well, but I think by cancellation three I would have already had to say something, and then did she put the whole misunderstanding off on you or what? Was corporate informed that you were following the unclear orders of your superior? Arg! I feel annoyed for you. But maybe I am just in a bad mood from not being able to make any money at work today, and thinking the promises of making money Wednesday are running low… and if the school is closed again then that means people aren’t working on writing my check, which means, I can’t pay my electric… or cell phone… or go to the doctor.
    Regardless, your boss sucked today.


  2. Oh no. Don’t misunderstand. I do not blame my boss. This snafu goes up the ladder well past the regional office. This is a miscommunication from the corporate level. Besides, it wasn’t all bad. It was actually kind of funny. I’m not mad or anything.


  3. Oh, and as of 7 am, I am not on a plane to Denver.


  4. Well I am glad you are able to let it roll off your back, and not get bitter… that’s something for me to work on…


  5. Mike

    Is “douche-ish” a word? It’s cool one way or the other and I plan on using it now that I know it.


  6. hahah douche-ish is in fact a word in my dictionary, and I think it comes in hand quite often, lol…. maybe not so much in polite company.
    But Mike, you should know that you can ALWAYS add -ish to a word to make it fit your needs better. 🙂


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