Is This Just Another Conspiracy?

The entire country has started marching lock-step down a path that will change the fundamental nature of our society. It is of our own doing. We chose this. We are making it happen, but when it started, no one knew where it would lead. The course was marked back in the late 50s and the nation’s course has been guided down this path ever since. The people have been electing representatives and officers of state that have been working this agenda in the back rooms of the legislature and the executive branches, funded by big business. This path is not socialism, it is not communism, it is corporatocracy.

Big business has been reviled in the media of late. One need only say the word Enron or Worldcom to evoke huge resentment in the American populace. Corporate greed is condemned in society and the media and fingers get pointed at the corporate executives who take huge bonuses after their companies have been bailed out by the government. No one is offering a voice supporting the practice and everyone is united against it. And the big business executives wouldn’t have it any other way.

There has long been a huge influx of money in politics. Lobbyists press legislators to vote their way on bills, and these lobbyists get paid by special interests. These lobbies are pressing the issues that their backers pay for. These backers are big business. For their business plans to come to fruition, the laws must support their business decisions; if existing laws do not, they need them changed. This is why they hire lobbyists.

But that is often not enough. The public must be convinced to support the bill as well. What better way than to get the mouthpiece of America on their side. They buy the networks. They buy production companies. They buy interests in Hollywood. They control the news. They control the spin on every issue that comes up. After the Enron scandal, corporations realized that the populace still has a bad taste in their mouths about big money affecting the lives of the common man; but they still have their bottom line to consider. Business is all about making money. It will always be so; but they need Americans to see something different. The best way is the media. They put their agenda in a liberal voice, appealing to “enlightened” and progressive thinkers. They do it through liberal legislators and they call it reform. Who backed Barack Obama in the election? Officially, no one knows. No one could look them up. He was funded by big business. The Republican party has long been assumed to be the party of big business, but that is no longer the case. In this new political age, business is its own party, funding whomever they can get into office.

But trying to control a popularly elected government is expensive and slow. People still have their own minds and they make decisions without considering the bottom line of the huge corporations. Executives need more control. They need to be IN government in order to make it in their image. Not satisfied with paying legislators in the normal lobby model, they want legislators that will be in their court from the get-go.

So, what is the plan? They manufacture an economic crisis. Put gas prices through the stratosphere, tank the credit and housing markets and send the job market into free fall. Then, they ask the federal government for bailouts, claiming that if their businesses were to fail, then the country would suffer. They were “too big to fail.” By drawing TARP funds, the government ostensibly takes control of the failing businesses, but what we do not see or maybe do not want to see, is that now, government decisions are being driven by a business model. The corporation’s interests are now the government’s interests.

Is this all? Oh, no! Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke is calling for the Fed to take over the banking industry. Not only that, but with the healthcare legislation, the government is poised to take over the Insurance industry. Only, like the Bailout businesses, this will actually put the government in the insurance companies’ and banks’ control.

At that point, our democracy will be dead. Our republic will have no voice. We will be ruled by the “power elite” and a new form of aristocracy will emerge as a ruling class. Do not wait until the administration suspends the electoral process (a step I anticipate could happen in the next three years). Obama has already circumvented it in the selection of cabinet positions and staff positions, not to mention the fiasco of healthcare legislation. In this, he and the democrats have demonstrated a distain for the American electorate and a complete disrespect for the principles of democracy. We must reclaim the elections and use them to force the senators and congressmen who created this mess out of office so these travesties can be undone. See what is happening before it is too late.


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5 responses to “Is This Just Another Conspiracy?

  1. Mary

    You didn’t specifically mention the fact that the Democratic party promised the Democratic representatives millions in campaign funds to support the health care reform even though those in their districts said no, and a lot will not be re-elected due to their votes.

    Reporting is no longer “who, what, when, how and why” but they use adjectives and adverbs to show the story the way they hope you will read it.

    The reporters aren’t covering the mass of people who objected to what was happening – only a brief mention. The President only goes places where he can preach to the choir and get on TV. It’s sad.


  2. I agree with your comments whole-heartedly. The media is promoting the business plan and following the guidance of their corporate leadership in putting their agenda in the best possible light while at the same time marginalizing the voices of any opposition.


  3. If you disappear in the near future….. we know why!


  4. I just posted the definition of oligarchy on my blog – rule by elites.

    I wouldn’t say we’re marching “lockstep”, because there is a lot of resistance. But I think SC has the wrong idea- the idea of a new Constitutional Convention scares me to death!


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