Court is Again in Session

All rise. The Court of Public Opinion is back in session. Case number 1010101: The People versus Jim Carrey. The charge is expression of personal opinion by a public figure. To whit: that on or about the date of April 9th, Mr. Carrey did make statements alleging that Elin Woods did have knowledge of her husband’s infidelity thus sullying her public persona of “victim.” Punishment for this crime is public flogging, regardless of guilt.

Jim Carrey is not a quiet man. He grew to fame with over-the-top performances and a loud personality. He is a comedian and a heckuva good actor. He is also an American. This affords him the same free speech freedoms that everyone enjoys and the same freedom to form and express his opinions.

Evidently, Mr. Carrey is a fan of the social networking service, Twitter. He uses it to post comments about his life and his thoughts—much the same way that any teenager does. I even use Twitter, though not to the extent most people do. I use it just to update my status, to let those three people who follow me know what I am doing. I do not use it to comment on society—that is why I have this blog—I just think 140 characters doesn’t give one enough room to make a cohesive statement on life. But others do and they tweet constantly. Well, more power to them, I say.

Now, I don’t know whether or not Elin Woods knew Tiger was cheating. I don’t know them, I don’t live near them, and I really don’t care. I will say that, if the reports are true—if all those women did in fact have affairs with Tiger—then I cannot see how Elin could have been completely ignorant of it. Perhaps she knew of one or two but not the extent of his philandering. Perhaps she didn’t care if he enjoyed a dalliance or two as long as he didn’t fall in love with them. If that is the case, then—according to reports—when she found evidence that he did in fact get emotionally attached to one and was planning on leaving her, well, then her actions become much more understandable. But the whole matter hinges on whatever the truth is, and there may be no way of knowing the whole truth. It is not a criminal case and it is not a civil case in that we the public have no legal interest in the matter.

That doesn’t stop people from talking about it. It doesn’t stop the water cooler gossip. Everyone has an opinion about the issue and most people are lining up on the side of Elin as victim/Tiger as villain. That is the way the media is painting the picture and people love to believe the media. Others, however, like to think for themselves and try to keep an open mind. There are aspects of any story that cannot be known simply because no one can know what someone else is thinking or what that person knows.

The media is uniformly lambasting Mr. Carrey for expressing his opinion. In fact, despite important news such as the mine disaster in West Virginia, the nuclear arms treaty with Russia, heck, even Ben Roethlisberger’s No Bill in the sexual assault case against him were bigger news, but the media focused the lunch hour broadcast attacking Carrey with a march of talking heads. Well, Mr. Carrey has a right to his opinion just like everyone else, and he has the right to express that opinion. Leave him alone about it.

This isn’t news. It is gossip. Let it go. The court of public opinion doesn’t need to hear this case. Case dismissed with prejudice. Next case.


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2 responses to “Court is Again in Session

  1. I think the whole problem with what Jim Carrey said was the way he said it. And, as a woman who lost her marriage to infidelity, to have someone blatantly blame the wife yet again….well it’s just insulting! As I have said a million times..if you are unhappy in your marriage LEAVE THE MARRIAGE BEFORE YOU MOVE ON TO SOMEONE ELSE!!!! It’s really not that difficult of a concept!


  2. Dave

    Jim Carrey wasn’t blaming Elin for Tiger’s infidelity. He simply said that he thought she had to know about it, which highlights my point. Everyone reads what he said as accuses him of attacking Elin. He wasn’t. He just said she had to know about it, and that–if she did–she is just as guilty as he is in the current condition of their marriage. Perhaps she turned a blind eye, perhaps she knew but did nothing. No one can know (except, of course, Elin) and no one can change things. All the media is doing is feeding on the Woods’ misery like a pack of wild dogs. Since Elin isn’t talking and Tiger isn’t saying much more, the media will lap up anything they can find…including a random Tweet from a celebrity.

    That is Jim’s problem: he is a celebrity. If I had tweeted that same comment word for word to 300,000 followers on twitter, the news would never report it. Who cares what I think. If you had tweeted it, probably the same result. But if you are a public figure, what you say is examined and critiqued much more than an average Joe, even though you’re not an authority or even party to the case.

    So, it’s not Jim’s fault, it is the media’s.


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