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I was recently described as a long-winded, meandering son of a so-in-so (well, not a so-in-so, but I don’t like using foul language) by a blog reviewer from a website that specializes in reviewing blogs. Now, I usually try to let things slide—the old “water off a duck’s back” kind of mentality—but something about this still sticks in my craw. I will admit that I submitted my blog for review if for no other reason than to direct traffic to it. No one writes a blog that doesn’t want it read. Blogging is not journaling so no one blogs in private (at least no one should). Think about it, it’s on the internet—the antithesis of private. It’s about as private as writing on the public bathroom wall. My point is that of course I would like more people to read my blog, so I submitted it to a couple of blog linking and logging and reviewing sites. Because I submitted it, I have to take the lumps that come my way. I have written before about how the blogosphere is predominately left-leaning, so I expect a certain backlash on my worldview.

The funny thing is that the reviewer (who goes by the nom deplume of Scorpio—which always gives me pause; if you’re going to express a public view, be man enough to put your name on it) didn’t really have much bad to say about my writing style (other than meandering) and as for my content, he only criticized my jab at Obama (boy, did he hate that one). The real butt-chafing annoyance comes from those who read his blog and feel the need to offer their own comments to my blog.

There are those who spend their days surfing blogs. I imagine they have the RSS feeds linked to their favorites list in their browser to make perusing them that much quicker. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, I encourage it. Add mine to the list. I have some concerns for those who only read blogs and do not read objective news sources (yes, there are one or two of those left), especially considering the leftist bias most bloggers seem to have. My concern is that those who only read leftist blogs adopt a leftist attitude and we don’t need any more liberals in this country. Some of these individuals evidently think they have the right to pass judgment on other’s opinions—perhaps because they spend so much time reading opinions that they assume they are experts.

Some of these “experts” are so capable that they can offer an opinion on my blog without needing to actually read it. Those of you have been reading for any length of time know my stance on politics and society, and I make it clear on my “Who me” page. Unfortunately, most liberals think that a conservative is a moron and incapable of coherent thought or of possessing the ability to put two words together in a meaningful way. They blasted my blog without reading it. One even had the gall to say that I don’t know how to write based on his misinterpretation of one sentence in an introductory paragraph. I read his blog, he writes more muddled and twisted phrases than I could ever hope to compose without the aid of alcohol.

No, most of these comments are not from writers, but from liberal readers who prefer to cluster together like school girls in the hallway and deride anyone who is not them. They cluck-cluck together and spout clichéd assessments of the conservative mindset; lumping all conservatives under the banner of biased, racist, militant, back-woods, camouflage-wearing, beer-drinking, homophobic trailer park illiterates, while they make themselves feel better for being so much more enlightened that they can spot these Neanderthals and avoid them like the social outcast they make them out to be.

If anyone wishes to disagree with my blog, by all means, feel free. I challenge you to comment. But if you’re going to “bring it” then I suggest you bring it with more than some dismissive comment about how stupid conservatives are, or how uninformed I am. If I am wrong about something, prove me wrong. Provide facts that disprove my assertions. Don’t come at me with “you’re wrong, you’re stupid and I’m not listening to you lalalalalalalalala I can’t hear you!” That is just plain insulting and does nothing to promote public debate or awareness. I don’t write just to find validation among the liberal crowd, but it would be nice if at least one of them stopped to say, I disagree with you, but you write well. At least Scorpio said that much.

The saddest thing, though, is that not all of my blogs are political/social. I have written some amusing anecdotes and some thought-provoking reviews as well as other columns that I think people might like. The review site didn’t mention those and none of those who commented bothered to read them. Maybe I need to segment my blog and create separate blogs for those columns. Any suggestions?



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7 responses to “Open your mind

  1. Dave, your fighting against a generation that has grown up in front of the liberal media blasted all over their TVs and computers.

    A minor side note – Most of these people couldn’t imagine letting children out to play because the man on the TV has convinced them that child molesters are hiding around every corner.

    The man on the TV has convinced them that being liberal and open minded means that your more intelligent and can think for themselves. The sad truth is that the CAN’T! The man on the TV is telling them what to think. They grew up listening to him instead of their parents.

    “Irony can be pretty ironic at times.” 😉


  2. Scorpio Woperchild

    Dave, I hated the jab at Obama because it was beneath you. As I said in my review, you’re better than that.

    I don’t think you’re a moron because you’re a conservative, as long as you don’t think I’m a moron if I am not. As it happens, I am one of those pesky libertarian types — fiscally conservative and morally liberal.

    And I thought this commentary was really funny:


    • Dean

      “fiscally conservative and morally liberal.”
      So someone needs to fix it and flip the bill as long as it’s not you? LOL!!!!


  3. Scorpio Woperchild

    Oh, yeah, two more things:

    “I submitted my blog for review if for no other reason than to direct traffic to it”

    I think that this is a bad reason to submit for a review. To see how you’re doing with what you’re trying to do would be a good reason. Finding ways to improve would be a good reason. Driving traffic, while a nice added benefit, should not have been your primary motive.

    “I have written some amusing anecdotes and some thought-provoking reviews as well as other columns that I think people might like. The review site didn’t mention those and none of those who commented bothered to read them.”

    I would have had to have read your entire back catalog to comment on everything you had written, and then the review would have been much too long. Not possible. Yeah, I missed some stuff, but I did allude to it. Probably just not the way you’d have preferred. I would have read more if your archive navigation were easier to use.

    Okay. Enough from me. The ball’s in your court now.


  4. Scorpio, I want to thank you for your follow up and your comments. This blog was not an attack on you at all, rather me venting about some of the comments from your readers who would rather jump on a bash-wagon than take the time and effort–as you have–to actually read something.
    As for navigation, I have looked at other themes and templates and none really have the look and feel I like (I don’t want my readers eyes to bleed) and none of the free templates offer any better navigation options. If you have suggestions, I am open to them.
    And I simply must thank you for sharing that link! He is hilarious! I have added him to my blog roll.
    In fact, I am going to enter his writing contest, if I can generate a good story in 4 days.
    And finally, I do not remember spotting the URL for your site when I submitted my blog. I was in a frenzy of trying to generate links so my blog would show up higher in Google. As you said, an oversight on my part. Mea Culpa.
    Thanks again and I hope to have more such discussions.


  5. Halee

    Jordy says-
    The reason why most of the bloggers are liberal leftists is because most of the conservatives are all out working for a living and don’t have time to blog.


  6. Halee

    oh and btw, I like blog spots setup better than word press, but that’s just my preference.


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