Ideas on Writing

I have not blogged in quite a while because of other pressing matters that demand my attention. Actually, this is an excuse I am using, because I have tried to write, but have not had much luck in coming up with a topic or a coherent thought on a topic. My brain’s CPU has been taxed with work so much that any time away from work has been used to do anything other than think. Time at home has been used to spend quality time with my wife (there never is enough time for that) and do all those little chores that need to be done like mowing the lawn, cleaning, repairing, organizing, etc. I know I need to prioritize my writing into a block of time in there somewhere, but to be honest, I just haven’t made the effort.

This makes me wonder why. I love writing—I really do. I have been doing it for some time and it gives my brain a workout. Maybe that is the problem.

Maybe my brain is tired. I know that the projects I have been doing at the office have definitely be a mental workout. I have been hip deep in curriculum development since February as well as my normal facilitation schedule. Back-to-back classes of new material as well as existing courses have filled my days for the past 6 months and it continues. Perhaps that is why I have struggled so.

Or maybe it is because I am just so disgusted with the media and politics that I just can’t think of anything to say that isn’t expletive-laced and would probably offend the most vile-tongued sailor. The news is full of stories that demonstrate to me the inherent fallibility of humankind and shows our stupidity as a species in glaring relief. In fact, it makes me wonder if this country will even survive in the form of government we have had for the past 200-odd years beyond this December. I suspect not, but I hope that is just the little streak of pessimism that we all have speaking out.

Or maybe it is because I have nothing more to say.

Nah. Can’t be that.

No, it is a discipline problem. I promised myself last year that I would spend some time every day writing something. If you count curriculum development, then I guess I have been true to that promise, but I still have a book to finish and I need to put something on this blog. So I have to rededicate myself to that cause. My book isn’t going to type itself and my writing isn’t going to get any better by just developing curriculum.

I’ll take suggestions. Anyone have a topic for me to expound upon? Oh! Here’s an idea. Send me a picture (any picture) and I will create a short story based upon the image. Of course, the image needs to be post-able and non-offensive. This means that you have to have the rights to post the picture and that whatever is in the image has to be something my granny wouldn’t mind looking at. I need to flex my creative muscles and this is a good way to do it. If you send a picture, I will post a story here with 36 hours. In the unlikely event that several people send pictures, I will select one and post a story based on it within 36 hours.

So, how’s that? Want to help me write something?



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7 responses to “Ideas on Writing

  1. Debbie

    First, NOW you know why teachers who have to deal with new curricular areas (and LOTS of studetns) every year need a summer break!! It is time for our brains to rest. 🙂

    Second, I’m glad your back here and writing something.

    Third, you should take at least one evening every week to write something. Good luck!


  2. Mom

    I like the challenge! I will come up with something to send to you soon. Good luck!


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