Stay Tuned!

Months of agonizing anticipation is coming to an end. The evil doers will face their fates and the heroes will face their greatest challenges. People across the nation will sit on the edges of seats as the season of frustration comes to an end. Yes, the summer reruns are over and the new fall TV season is here!

Already, we have seen one more clue as to “How I Met Your Mother” and Gibbs and the NCIS team dispatched the revenge-seeking offspring of the Mexican drug lord that Jethro eliminated 20 years ago. “Chuck” has returned to the spy game and The LA version of the NCIS team is onto new cases. We have also seen the lead-in to “The Event” and met the new McGarrett and Dano patrolling the mean streets of Hawaii 5-0. Still coming tonight are premiers of Criminal Minds, Law & Order SVU as well as the debut of The Defenders. But the big show in my book comes Friday with the season opener of Smallville.

For 10 seasons, I—along with millions of other comic geeks and Tom Welling fans—have been waiting for Clark Kent to put on the blue tights and take to the skies. Hopefully, this season will finally reveal the hero will all know. It has to. It’s its final season. Of course, the last 3 seasons have been “final” too.

Now I have to admit that I will not be watching all these new shows. I have a few “never miss” shows like Smallville, but the other shows, I can take or leave. When I was younger, I was such a TV addict that I would plan life around the TV schedule. Of course with DVRs and internet TV, that is no longer needed.

I will be giving “The Event” one more episode. The premier was too erratic and the time jumping was confusing. I also worry about it because it is a serial and only 2 serials have managed to last. There is no guarantee that “The Event” will be a “Lost”; it could go the way of “Flash Forward” (which left me quite frustrated.) I don’t think I will end up following it, but I will give it one more try. I just couldn’t stand to get invested in a serial only to have it yanked from the lineup. I was hooked on “Jerico,” “Surface” “Defying Gravity” and “Journeyman” only to have the shows just stop. No wrap up, no ending, no closure.

I have yet to watch Hawaii 5-0—I will have to catch it on Fancast (Hulu)—but I will sit through “The Defenders” and “Blue Bloods” just to see if they are worth watching. I abhor Dancing with the stars, Survivor and any other so-called reality TV shows. They are just a waste of time and electrons. Ok Ok, I will cop to enduring a few episodes of American Idol but only because I was forced to.

Of course, many great shows got cancelled like Heroes <sob> <sniffle> (I’m going to miss that one) and I’m sure some of these new shows I will like and they will meet the same fate. But many of them will continue despite being pitifully mundane. Some of the new shows even make me wonder who thinks up these ideas. “Mike and Molly” is a new comedy that features two main characters with weight issues. The premise is that they meet at an overeaters anonymous meeting and begin dating. I think someone listened to the complaining about how all the TV stars have “idealized” bodies and are out of touch with the average viewer and said “what kind of show can we come up with to shut them up and make us seem sensitive?” The idea is actually somewhat insulting. We now have to either be overweight with body image issues, or super model action heroes. Why not just have more character dramas?

Eh…why watch TV at all? Oh, right, because I want to see Clark Kent fly and I have to know who is the mother on How I met your mother. That’s why. Come on Friday!



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3 responses to “Stay Tuned!

  1. Mom

    Lone Star wasn’t mentioned. And it doesn’t need to be. I wasn’t impressed even with the good actors in it. Looking forward to BB too.


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