Versus Capitalism

Many people look at the state of the country and whine about how bad things are.  I know I do as do many of my friends.  The problem is the narrow viewpoints that people seem to take.  They see what they perceive as a problem and find the quickest way to address that problem.  For example, the problem: so many people are poor.  Cause: they don’t have enough money.  Fix: give them money.  That will identify another problem: no money to give the poor.  Cause: someone else has all the money.  Fix: Make them give their money to the poor.
This may sound ludicrous, but this is the mantra that the media and the socialist liberals keep chanting.  A friend had a quote on her FB page that went along the lines of System Versus Man: Capitalism steals from the poor and gives to the rich; Robin Hood steals from the rich and gives to the poor.  The problem here is that it casts Robin Hood as a good guy and stealing from the rich as a laudable goal and that capitalism is evil.
Capitalism is simply a system of assigning currency to value.  If you make a product or provide a service and someone wishes to obtain that product or service, then you have the right to compensation in providing it.  How much depends on many things, not the least of which is how valuable said product or service is to the buyer.  Assigning a currency to this value is capitalism.  It is not evil, it is fair and it is necessary.
The problem: Greed. When businesses subsume the value assignment and artificially inflate the price of their products or services way beyond the inherent value, they drive prices higher than a market can support.  When this happens two things follow: people either no longer buy the product or people continue to pay the price, but then make adjustments elsewhere.  Big bad capitalist doesn’t care what adjustment is made as long as he gets his money.
What needs to happen is not taking the money from the capitalist and giving it to the poor.  This is theft plain and simple, even if it is couched as compelled donations to the needy.  No, what needs to happen is that people need to stop paying outrageous prices for the products and more competition needs to be developed.
Forcing businesses to “give back” to society as reparation for greed is the wrong answer and will not fix the problem even as it exacerbates the welfare state.  The power to fix this problem is already in the hands of the people.  Simply stop buying that product and buy something else that is cheaper.  You will have more money in the end and businesses will have to lower their prices to be competitive.


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  1. Dean

    Yes, but in Robin Hood’s case, the “Rich” didn’t produce anything. Tax collectors simply stole or forcible took that money from the poor and were provided nothing in return while Prince John used that money to bribe the other royals in an attempt to take the crown (or so the story goes). In capitalism, you have a choice of products and vendors to choose from. Don’t buy a $3000 TV and then complain that you have no money to fix your car when it breaks down. And certainly don’t go and complain to the government that you should qualify for welfare if you have a 40″ or better flatscreen TV. Buy a$500 TV, watch a smaller screen, and drive (not bum a ride) to work. Capitalism doesn’t steal from you, although it might feel like that with all these inflated prices.


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