Season’s Greetings? Not Hardly

It is the Christmas season and so, once again, I am being told that it is insensitive to wish people Merry Christmas because not everyone is Christian and some people do not celebrate the Holyday (which is where the word holiday originated). To that I say—and quite loudly too— “SO?” I celebrate it, and I do so by wishing the best for others in the spirit of giving. If you do not celebrate Christmas, that is your right. Do not be offended, however, if I wish you a Merry Christmas anyway, since that is my way of passing the spirit on to you. If you chose to let the spirit die at your feet, that is your prerogative.

I am not Jewish, so I do not celebrate Hanukkah, but I have no problem with my Jewish friends saying “Happy Hanukkah” to me. Let them spin their dreidels and light their candles and celebrate. The constitution gives them the right to do so, just as it gives me the right to celebrate Christmas. Remember, “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

I do not recognize kwanzaa as a legitimate observance, since its origins are based in racial hatred. I know that people today insist it is an observation of community and peace, but really it is not. It was started as an anti-Christmas, black holiday to conflict with “the white man’s Christmas.” As such, it means less than nothing.

Stores and businesses have Happy Holidays signs all over. People wish each other “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” in passing and insist that they say that to include all the holidays. Well, if you are a black Christian Jew, then I guess that might work. I am a simply a Christian.

So to all my friends of whatever persuasion I say “Merry Christmas” and if you don’t like it, I say “God Bless you.”


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