What Hope Comes From Violence?

The uprising in Egypt captured the attention of the world. The media portrayed the event as the ouster of an evil dictator who quashed any dissention and terrorized his people for his entire 30-year reign; bringing about the opportunity for the Egyptian people to discover new freedoms as a democratic nation. Reporters have been dispatched all over Egypt—though most tend to stay in Cairo where the action has been—to cover this historic change of power to the people. Yet at no time in their storied past have the Egyptian people had democracy, so they have no idea how a democratic nation is supposed to behave. The reporters have found this out the hard way.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper was assaulted by a mob before Mubarak’s resignation. CBS’s Lara Logan was the victim of a “brutal and sustained sexual assault” and beating, and ABC’s Brian Hartman was threatened with beheading and in the latest incident, a group of reporters were assaulted even as they cried out that they were reporters. The mob, however, wasn’t impressed with the reporter’s credentials. They were not protesting for a rational discussion of social issues. They were not protesting for international sympathy. They were not even protesting for democracy. They wanted their leader’s head and those of anyone who supported him…including Americans.

“Yes, I want you to go from here,” one protester said. When ABC reporter Christiane Amanpour asked why, the man said, “Because we hate you. We hate America … You are not a good person.”

These are the people our media and our president support in their “struggle.” These people hate us as much as Arabs do and most of the Middle East. This will not improve with Mubarak gone. It will only get worse. Yet the liberals under Obama called for Mubarak to step down, as if his leaving would usher in peace and a new government to be an ally for America. Obama wants to reach out to whatever new regime is established there, which will more than likely be a Muslim regime practicing Sharia law.

Egyptians and most middle easterners do not think the same way Americans do. They do not have the same values. They do not live the same way of life. They resent us and our way of life and want nothing more than to see us fall—unless it is to help us fall. The media is learning this lesson the hard way, but don’t expect Obama to take this lesson to heart. He will probably apologize to the Egyptians who injure their hands on the heads of the Americans they beat and pay to replace the rocks they throw when they stone Americans.

The media has not abandoned hope in their liberal agenda however. They blame the violence on Pro-Mubarak gangs, even though the gangs themselves that are doing the beating are the same ones who called for Mubarak to leave.

Sometimes it seems like it would be best to leave Egypt and the rest of the Middle East to self-destruct. We have one ally in the region in Israel and that one is tenuous at best. Sadly, Obama’s expediency will probably throw Israel under the bus to appease the Muslims who take over in Egypt. When this happens, a beating or a black eye will be the least of worries for reporters or any other Americans in the area.

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