Keep Your Hands In Your Own Pocket

The federal government is about to close up shop for an indefinite period because congress cannot come up with a budget that the president will accept. The press has been harping on the issue—rightfully so—for weeks as the debate breaks down along party lines. Republicans want severe cuts to social spending programs while Democrats are scratching for the nonexistent dollars to keep their pet projects running. Obama has already said that he supports “investing” in new programs, which is politician speak for more spending. The money for which comes out of our pockets.

This is not the first time that the budget has brought the government to the brink of a standstill. Several years ago it was averted only at the last minute with huge compromises. This year, the republicans have cut funding for Planned Parenthood and NPR, two major initiatives that the liberal democrats will not give up on easily. This bluster of shutting down the government may be a ruse by the liberals to keep funding those two programs while offering smaller cuts elsewhere. This is the nature of compromise. Unfortunately, this compromise will probably cost the Republicans who will be seen as not keeping their promise to cut spending.

The problem is not really congress, though. It is the citizen. It is you and me. Too many of us are used to living off of government checks. I’m not talking about retirees drawing a pension. Those were earned and should be paid. I am talking about those on what used to be called “the dole” which is welfare. In the old days, it was a stigma to be on welfare. No one wanted to admit that they needed government assistance to make ends meet and they worked hard to get off of it as quickly as possible. Today, single women are having more babies for the sole purpose of getting a bigger welfare check. Their hands go into our pockets for their bad decisions.

In the event of adversity, communities used to pull together to help each other. If a natural disaster destroyed a town, the town pulled together to rebuild. Debts were deferred or forgiven in times of need so that families could survive and get back on their feet. Today, everyone turns to the federal government with their hand out for checks, new houses, food and even cars. Yes, during Katrina one woman was being interviewed by the local news and told the reporter that she needed the government to give her a car so she could go look for a job because the bus stop was a half mile from her house. Her hand is in our pockets.

Other programs like NPR and the National Endowment for the Arts are laudable programs, but should be privately funded, not government subsidized. These programs cost money—lots of money and that money has to come from somewhere. If we as Americans do not want to have our taxes raised, then we need to cut these expensive programs that merely support those of us who would rather not have to work hard to overcome adversity. These programs are like extras on a car. NPR is a dual screen DVD player. NEA is lighted retractable running boards. If we don’t want to pay the price for these add ons in the form of higher taxes, we need to cut them. Yet their hands are in our pockets.

Planned Parenthood is the official face of the pro-abortion front and that has no place getting tax dollars, yet the liberals seem to want to make it every citizens responsibility to pay for the bad decisions of a few. The Republicans want it defunded and the Dems want to show they can’t be bullied out of their agenda. This will be the hinge pin of the whole issue and the republicans will unfortunately cave causing the conservatives and tea partiers to turn against them in the next elections. Why? Because liberals who wish women to have the “choice” to kill a baby want government funded insurance to pay for it, thus removing any responsibility for their actions. Their hands go into our pockets to pay for their bad decisions.

We as Americans need to keep our hands in our own pockets and stop trying to get the government to pick up the tab for every little thing that happens. If we lose a job, if we get pregnant, if we lose a house to flood, hurricane or bankruptcy, we need to stand on our own feet, pull ourselves up on our own and get to work. We cannot do that if we have our hands out to the government.

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