Any Choice is the Better Choice

You are an idiot. This is what the liberals and socialists are telling you. They would have us all believe that they know far better than we what is good and healthy and will better our lives. The mayor of Boston and a Chicago area school principal are on a crusade to improve the diets of their charges by limiting the food choices people have at their disposals.

Boston Mayor Thomas Merino said his decision to ban sodas at all city buildings and departments, including Fenway Park, is an attempt to curb the city’s obesity rates to “create a civic environment that makes the healthier choice the easier choice in people’s lives, whether it’s schools, work sites, or other places in the community.” While this notion sounds laudable—that of making the healthier choice an easier choice—the implementation of it is tantamount to tyranny. Mayor Merino is basically making enjoying a coke and a smile a criminal activity on city property.

Elsa Carmona, a public school principal in Chicago, in an effort to “protect students from their own unhealthy food choices,” has deemed that school kids cannot bring lunches from home. Parents are now forced to buy the school lunch for their children. Anyone who has eaten in a school cafeteria knows that the food—despite claims that it is healthy—is a bland mass of processed, second-hand ingredients provided by the lowest bidder and assembled by rejects from fast food restaurant kitchens.

There is nothing wrong with wanting people to be healthy. We all want our loved ones around us for a long time and we often encourage healthy choices by our friends and family. Of course the problem with choice is that for every good choice, there is at least one bad choice. As children, our parents limit our choices as we learn in order to protect us. As we get older and wiser, they allow more choices, but guide our decisions with suggestions and incentives. This continues until we are adults and are capable of making decisions on our own. This is a right. This is a freedom. This is liberty.

Liberals are now telling us that we are no better than children and we need our choices limited to protect us from ourselves. They began by banning smoking. Now they wish to ban soft drinks and home-packed lunches. A parent in Chicago cannot determine what their children eat at school. A Red Sox fan can’t enjoy a soda with their Cracker Jack during the game.

Last year, San Francisco banned the inclusion of toys in happy meals (in reality they banned marketing fast food to children) in an effort to curb childhood obesity. The liberals think that since people cannot be counted upon to make the smart decision (as determined by the liberals), then the decision must be make for them. This is not freedom. This is tyranny. This is one more step toward the death of our nation.

Of course, we also need to take responsibility for the consequences of our decisions. We cannot blame our obesity on the availability of fast food or soda, but on our own decision to eat it. We cannot blame our bad health on the makers of the products we decide to use, but on ourselves for using them. If we continue to dodge personal responsibility, we give the liberals ammunition to make these decisions for us.

People need to stop being satisfied with hearing about these abominations of policy on the news and pay attention to city councils and state legislatures as well as the federal government in order to prevent these idiotic notions from coming to pass. Demand your representative government rights. Call your councilmen and senators and show them that we are adults and can make decisions for ourselves.


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