It’s Not About Race

There is one fundamental facet of the American psyche that will never change no matter how “enlightened” or “progressive” we as a people may think we are. When something happens or someone has an idea that runs contrary to our own fundamental belief structure, someone will cry “racist” or “sexist” or “dummy-ist” to denigrate our ideas. This happens far too often to be anything other than empirical data and can not be dismissed. The latest wave of idiocity is from the (of course) liberals who cannot understand why some people refuse to believe Obama is a natural born citizen of the United States. Those who continue to question and doubt the president are labeled racist.

While I have my own conspiracy theories, I am not here to debate Obama’s citizenship. What gets me is that those in the far left have labeled anyone who questions or doubts Obama’s citizenship a “birther,” so it adds a stigma and makes that person seem fanatical and less worthy of notice. “Oh, don’t listen to him; he’s a birther!” To further emphasize this stigma, the liberals lump all those “tea-partiers” into the “birther” category as well; giving the media a two-fer in referencing the right as radicals.

With the release of what the White House is calling Obama’s “Official” long-form birth certificate, the liberals seem to consider the matter shut while the skeptics are still asking questions. One individual noted that Obama’s father was listed as the more politically correct “African” when—in 1961—he would have been listed as “negro.” Others question the validity of the document since it took so long to produce that it could have been created and names of supporters added that could be called as witnesses. These lingering questions and doubts are being lumped into a different category—the same one that liberals like to use to describe anyone who doesn’t like Obama—Racist.

“There is a real deep-seated and vicious racism at work here in terms of trying to de-legitimate the president,” Peniel Joseph, a professor of history at Tufts University said in an interview.

“This is more than just a conspiracy,” Joseph added. “I think this is fundamentally connected to a conception of white supremacist democracy in this country.”

Say what?

This country just elected the first non-white president in its history. Couple that with the number of non-Caucasian governors and legislators and judges and I think the edge of the racist argument is getting pretty dull. It was only 50 years ago that there were no people of color in any political positions in this country. Now Caucasians are about to become the minority.

While there are still some people in the country with racist attitudes, it is not racism that fuels the anti-Obama rhetoric by the tea-party and others. It is the fact that the man is and always has been woefully inadequate to the job to which he was elected. It is that the circumstances around the birth certificate do not answer all questions and in fact raise new ones.

Columnist Michael Tomasky wrote for The Guardian Wednesday that the birther conspiracy “had to be the only explanation for how this black man got to the White House.” He added: “And if you think race isn’t what this is about at its core, ask yourself if there would even be a birther conspiracy if Barack Obama were white and named Bart Oberstar. If you think there would be, you are delusional.”

I challenge that assertion. If Brad Pitt were in the same position and faced the same questions of legitimacy of his birth certificate, I would be one of the first to call for an investigation. Again, it doesn’t matter to me that Obama is black. What matters is that he never—not even once—during his campaign laid out a plan for the “change” he promised. Had he done so, I doubt he would have even come close to winning. No one would have supported Obamacare in an election (in fact, no one did in congress either). If he had mentioned his plan to do any of the things his administration has done, he would have handed the presidency to McCain. In his obfuscation, he has demonstrated an inherent dishonesty. He has proved himself so dishonest that it is easy to believe he forged a birth certificate and bribed the staff in Hawaii.

I am no racist. I do not wear the label of birther, but I doubt the birth certificate, and I continue to question and doubt anything and everything about the man sitting in the White House.



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13 responses to “It’s Not About Race

  1. [One individual noted that Obama’s father was listed as the more politically correct “African” when—in 1961—he would have been listed as “negro.” ]

    No dummy. His father was from Africa, which made him an African.

    [I do not wear the label of birther, but I doubt the birth certificate, and I continue to question and doubt anything and everything about the man sitting in the White House.]

    That’s because you hate our democracy and would rather have a totalitarian right-wing government. And contrary to what a lot of you right-wingers are told to think, we do have a democracy here. It’s a representative democracy.


  2. Ben! Hi! Haven’t heard from you in such a long time. Glad to see you’re still clinging to the socialist dogma! Consistency is so important, don’t you think?

    Glad to see that your discussion skills still include name calling. Always a successful rhetorical tool. By the way, while I understand your point about the father’s nationality, I was referring to a quote from the article, not making the point myself.

    I do not hate our democracy, I embrace it wholeheartedly. I just do not believe that democracy means having a big federal government force decisions down our throat or tell its citizens how to live. I believe in local governments and state’s rights over federal mandates, and I believe that the individual should take responsibility for their own lives and not ask for hand outs from the government which are funded by my tax dollars.
    And while we have had a representative government, Obama is trying his best to move this country away from that. Look at the debacle of how they got Obamacare enacted. That was the farthest thing from representative government.

    But please keep the dialog open. It is always refreshing to hear your perspective.


    • [I believe that the individual should take responsibility for their own lives and not ask for hand outs from the government which are funded by my tax dollars.]

      That’s the simple-minded right-wing ideology, but it’s based purely on some idealist society. Gone are the days where you can just work hard to get ahead. Today, college is pretty much required to get any kind of decent job, and it’s gotten more and more out of reach. Wages have stagnated while the cost of living has increased and many decent paying jobs have gone overseas, thanks to conservative policies.

      [Look at the debacle of how they got Obamacare enacted.]

      They had to use reconciliation to enact health care reform because Republicans were blocking everything Obama tried to do, purely for political purposes. The majority of Americans wanted reform.

      [That was the farthest thing from representative government.]

      Bush got his 2003 tax cuts passed with reconciliation and couldn’t even get 51 votes without Cheney casting the deciding vote. Those tax cuts have almost tripled the national debt.


      • Thanks for responding. You do an outstanding job of towing the liberal line. Just a few points in response:
        College graduates are finding no more luck in getting a job than high school grads. Colleges are practically throwing out admissions standards across the board in an effort to fill seats. Grant programs and student load issuers bend over backwards to give money for college (even so much as to bury kids in debt for 30 years) and those who do graduate are no more likely to be successful than anyone else. In fact, when I taught college writing, I saw some dreadfully ill-prepared students expecting to be passed along in college as they had in high school.
        You cannot blame corporate greed on “conservative policies” as greed is probably the most bi-partisan element to our society. Who do you think funded Obama’s campaign? Corporations.
        Americans want health care reform…but no one wanted Obamacare. Obamacare is not a positive reform. It is a back breaker for tax payers who shouldn’t have to pay for indigent health care. Besides, while the health care system is not a perfect system, health care is not a right. It is not a privilege. It is a commodity that has to be paid for.
        Having said all that, this is really a red herring to my premise that the “birther” issue is not racist.


      • [College graduates are finding no more luck in getting a job than high school grads. ]

        That’s way wrong. Health care workers are in big demand as are tech workers and engineers. You can’t just make crap up and claim it’s fact.

        [Besides, while the health care system is not a perfect system, health care is not a right. It is not a privilege.]

        You can’t have life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness if you don’t have your health.


  3. Yes, actually – it is racism.

    Steve MacGregor


    • Steve, thanks for weighing in on the issue. I would ask that you support your assertion with some real evidence. How is it racist? I have explained how it is not, at least in my mind; I would ask that if you wish to alter my (or anyone’s) perspective, please bring up a point or two to counter my argument.


  4. It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with ineptitude and mediocrity that the Libs expect us to swallow and thank them for. The Bigotry of Low Expectations is their battle standard. Ask any of their ballot cattle in the Pits of Despair known as the projects.

    It’s all about keeping and maintaining their power base and not letting the ballot cattle off the plantation, never realizing they’ve traded physical slavery for the mental version.


  5. Halee

    I am a college student… I am in debt, sadly and ashamedly so, my husband is a college grad… he graduated two years ago and is yet to be able to find a job, so he is getting his masters… hopefully that will mean something to employers.
    Dave is right, a college degree really is easy to get, but I believe that the day is coming, and coming soon where people are going to realize that college is really not all important, and that if you can’t afford it then you just can’t do it.

    Dave, I don’t think the birth certificate thing is really an issue… I do question his legitimacy but its because of his mother’s move to Indonesia with his stepfather, I thought I remembered information about the school he attended having a requirement of citizenship belonging to Indonesia meaning he would have had to renounce his US citizenship making him ineligible for presidency because even if he is a citizen now, he is naturalized, and naturalized citizens can’t run for president. But I will be honest this is speculation on my part that I got from TV and I have not done the research for myself.

    Oh and jobs leaving the country has nothing to do with liberal or conservative and everything to do with greed, they want to pay their employees less so that they can profit more.


  6. Halee

    My husband has a bachelors of science in bible with an emphasis in administration, he has training in consulting, and peacemaking, and he is getting his masters in church administration.
    I am getting my degree in psychology, and counseling. However I already have a good job working for a crisis pregnancy agency.


    • How do you get a bachelors of science in bible? That’s not science. That’s religion. And that’s fine for a hobby, but he has no room to complain that he can’t find a job. If that was a concern, he should have learned some skills that would land him a job.

      As far a psychology, you’re going to need a Masters to get licensed if you want to be able to earn a living.


      • Halee

        As aforementioned I already have a job (in my field), but yes I realize that once I get my bachelor’s to counsel professionally I will need to be licensed and to get a license I will have to have a masters…

        And generally speaking you have two options when getting an undergrad degree; bachelors of science or bachelors of arts… the difference (from what I can tell) is whether your emphasis is in math and science or language. There is no such thing as a bachelors of religion… which by the way is not just a hobby.

        And he could get many secular jobs if he wanted to in administration or corporations, but his calling in life is not to work for some company just to earn a living, but to help people. And if that is grounds for living a lifestyle unbecoming for most American’s we gladly sacrifice.
        Also he hasn’t complained at all… that was my rant.


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