A Dark Chapter Closes…

The death of a human being is rarely celebrated and is usually met with somber reflection. The news of Osama Bin Laden’s reported death is getting a mixture of solemn contemplation and joyous revelry. This is not without due cause, as, for the past 10 years, Bin Laden has been the most hunted man in the history of our country. The architect of the greatest attack on American Soil by a foreign enemy, American’s have viewed Bin Laden with bloodlust since 9-11. No one asked that he be brought to trial for criminal charges, no one asked that he spend time in prison. Everyone cried out for his head, even going so far as some people actually trying to plan how to sneak hunting rifles through airport security on trips to Afghanistan to look for him. Now the nation is breathing a collective sigh of relief; Sunday night, May 1st 2011, Obama announced to the nation that Osama Bin Laden had been killed.

Now, while this is something for which Americans have been hoping and praying for almost 10 years, the news is met with a little scrutiny. First, Obama decides to break the news at 10 pm central time on a Sunday night. During the speech, he reveals that Bin Laden had been located in August and that the operation to get Bin Laden had been planned since last week and he said that last night, he authorized the attack. But after the speech, it came out that the attack had actually been carried out last week and that Bin Laden’s body was buried at sea.

This begs for some scrutiny. Why would Obama wait a full week to make such an announcement? If waiting, why make the announcement so late on a Sunday evening? Why dispose of the body in such a way as to ensure it can never be recovered? Why dispose of it at all?

I am no fan of Obama. Never have been and never will be. That having been said, I would love to be proven wrong about him, but in every action and every choice he reaffirms my distrust of him. I do not believe his claims about his citizenship, I do not believe his claims of wanting the best for the country, and I do not believe that Bin Laden was killed in the manner Obama recounts.

If Bin Laden was indeed killed, Obama waited until he could maximize the publicity before launching the attack, and then waited until the media blitz that was the royal wedding to ebb to announce the attack so as to not have to share the public stage with the royals. He claims that the body was buried at sea in “keeping with Muslim customs” which demand the body be laid to rest within 24 hours of death. How convenient for him. He further claims that they confirmed through DNA evidence that the man they killed is in fact Osama Bin Laden. How many death row felons have been released because of the fallibility of DNA evidence? We have no body; we have no proof. If anyone else had made the announcement, if they released a video of the attack, if they produced a body, I would be more inclined to believe the reports. I still have a fear that soon Al Jazeera will release a video tape of Bin Laden laughing at us again.

A un-attributed but appropriate quote circulating the internet says: “I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.” I want to celebrate with my fellow Americans the end of a dark chapter in our nation’s history, but while the Bin Laden chapter is hopefully closed, the Obama chapter—perhaps an even darker chapter—continues. We must remain vigilant and regard everything with due scrutiny lest we been led down the primrose path to the destruction of our way of life at our own hands.

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  1. I had originally mis-attributed that quote in the last paragraph to Mark Twain as have several others in Twitter and Facebook. My apologies.


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