Getting The Debate Wrong

The American people are speaking out about a slight against a would-be protected class distinction and the backlash against the perpetrator of this egregious insult.  Unfortunately, the American people are attacking the wrong person.
Chick-Fil-A is a well-known fast food restaurant that pioneered the chicken sandwich and is quite popular with many people, enjoying a good amount of success.  The company was founded by S. Truett Cathy, a devout southern baptist who runs the company on Christian principles.  The company does not open its stores on Sundays in keeping with those principles.  It is now run by Cathy’s son who continues the Christian-oriented policies.  
Last week Cathy, in response to a question from a reporter, issued a statement supporting marriage as being between a man and a woman, incensing the left and the media and generated an outcry and a call to boycott Chick-Fil-A stores.  Conservative Christians led by Mike Huckabee have called for a day of support for the restaurant in response to the boycott.  The comments in the blogosphere and across all social media platforms reflect the polemic division the issue has created in society, and demonstrates a problem this division is exacerbating.
Homosexuality has existed for centuries in and out of the closet, depending on the mores of society at the time.  The right has traditionally found the practice an affront to normal, decent behavior while the left has espoused tolerance for alternative lifestyles.  This dichotomy has left this issue in flux through the ages.  In today’s “enlightened” and tolerant society, homosexuality has found an acceptance in Hollywood where it is promoted in films and television and the media spends hours of news coverage encouraging acceptance of this alternative choice.
Meanwhile, Christianity has been blasted by the left as being intolerant, hateful and controlling, especially on this issue.  If a person professes a faith in Jesus Christ as the son of God and as the path to salvation for the mortal soul, that person is labeled as ignorant and backward.  The left would assert that no reasonable intelligent person can believe in God in the face of so much “evidence” that God does not exist.  Surely all of mankind’s achievements prove that man is the center of the universe and since there is no heaven, there is no afterlife, the only thing that matters is what happens during life.  As long as one does not hurt another, anything goes.  Christians are hurting gays by denying them equal status, therefore Christians are bad.  Christians hate gays.
This is one point that the left gets wrong.  Christians do not hate gays.  Christians are taught to love God’s children.  While I cannot speak for all Christians, I do know most do not hate gays per se.  I disapprove of homosexuality.  I believe it to be an affront to nature and counterproductive to the survival of our race.  I do not believe that gays are entitled to any rights that any one else doesn’t have.  I do not believe laws should be rewritten to give them new rights.  I do not, however, hate gays.  I have several friends who count themselves homosexual.  I simply disapprove of the practice.
God does not hate gays.  God loves all his children, even the ones that are making wrong choices.  Much like a parent disapproves of a wayward child, that parent does not stop loving that child.
While I do not know Dan Cathy, I doubt he hates gays.  He is a business owner who employs hundreds of people and generates taxes for his local community.  He gives to philanthropic groups and charities and supports his family.  He is a Christian and is happy to testify to his beliefs on the matter.  He never said he hates gays.  Having said that, this is a free country and Cathy is entitled to his opinion.  If his opinion is that marriage is between a man and a woman, he can say that in any forum he so chooses, even in the media.
Of course, the left has the freedom to express their opinion as well and they are quite vocal in doing so.  The mayors of Chicago, Boston and San Francisco all have expressed outrage and urged Chick-Fil-A to avoid opening stores in their towns (as if they could stop it).  However to condemn a man because of an expressed opinion is the opposite of democracy.  This is the other point the left gets wrong.
In today’s society, discourse has degraded to nothing more than name calling and violent verbiage.  No one tries to enter into open discourse anymore because people are not interested in changing other’s minds through logic and reasoning, rather they would prefer to insult and vilify anyone who does not believe as they do.
Long Live Chick-Fil-A.

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