Into The Sun

The interstate was packed with red taillights as far as the eye could see, leading on to the horizon, flanked by the businesses of west Houston. Orange light crept over the mauve glow of dawn as the sun announced its arrival in the chilly morning. Just over the Horizon, coming west from downtown, a bright speck slowly grew in the morning sky. It became two specks as it neared and the sunlight glinted off the silver bodies of the aircraft. The smaller one was a T-38 Talon trainer and was used by NASA to escort the larger Boeing 747 jumbo jet and it’s piggy-backed cargo, the space shuttle Endeavor. The planes had stopped over in Houston enroute to California, where the shuttle will sit in retirement. It was reflective to watch the planes fly low over the city, the colors of dawn reflecting off of their fuselages. I stopped on the shoulder to capture a picture of the planes as they passed. Then, as they flew off in the direction of what would be the sunset, I rode off into the sunrise.
And that hurt.
I never realised how bright the morning sun is, nor did I stop to think that living west of where I work and driving on a freeway that runs east-west would be a problem. I ride my motorcycle into the sun in the morning (unless I have to go in early, in which case I am at work before sunrise) and I ride home in the evening into the sunset.
I know that riding off into the sunset is supposed to be a romantic notion of the hero moving on to help the next damsel in distress, but seriously, even sunglasses don’t help the burned retinas that I’m surely inflicting on myself. At least in a car you have a visor you can pull down to block some of the sun, but on a motorcycle, no such animal.
And it seems the sun is bigger this time of year, too. Perhaps the elliptical nature of our orbit causes this, maybe it is refraction through the moist early morning atmosphere, or maybe the Mayans were right and the sun is about to blow up. Either way, it is big and bright and hurts my eyes. It also makes the idiots on the freeway slow down even more.
The Katy freeway has never been a speedway during rush hour. Even after the expansion project completed two years ago, traffic is still at a standstill during the commuter hours. Add the sun blinding people into the equation and the parking lot analogy is even more apropos.
I guess I will have to leave for work earlier to avoid the sun in my eye….or, waitaminute, maybe I could leave later…yes! That’s it. I will just head into work at say 10, when the sun is high enough to not shoot beams into my eyeballs. My boss will simply have to understand that my coming in late is only to protect my vision. It is a health issue. Yeah, that’s it! And I can leave the office at 3 so the evening sun won’t hurt either. 10-3. I like those hours. Think I can sell it? Nah, me neither.
So I ride off on my iron horse every evening squinting into the sunset, another day finished, another day of good work done, another day waiting, and another morning sun waiting to burn my retinas.

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