Dealing With Tradition

This season is the time of year when people tend to gather together with family to reflect on their lives and give thanks for the blessings they have enjoyed.  My mom and both of my sons gathered with my daughter in law and grandkids and even my sister on facetime at my house for a very enjoyable thanksgiving celebration.  But not everyone took advantage of the opportunity to spend time at home for the holiday.  At the nearby Best Buy, a line of tents served as quarters for dozens of people who wanted to get the jump on the store’s black Friday sale.
I have to wonder why someone would forgo an opportunity to relax and gorge themselves while watching football with loved ones.  Yet, there they were.  One group of young people set up camp Tuesday night and they were about 5 tents back from the front door.  They said that the first tent was set up Monday afternoon.  Evidently, Best Buy is supposed to have a 42 inch TV on sale for a under two hundred bucks or so.  One young man, Anthony, is also looking for a 60-inch for his living room  for $1000 and a 50 dollar gift card for iPhone 5.  The group is not new to Black Friday camping.  They all spent last year doing the same thing.
They were not alone.  Diana and her family was in the tent in front of them.  She seemed a bit more sensitive about camping out.  “You’re not going to make fun of me are you?  Somebody already yelled at me ‘you’re going to be spending thanksgiving here?'”
But that didn’t stop her from setting up for the second year in a row. She also set up Tuesday at 5 pm and plans on getting the 40-inch TV and an Xbox and the smart blue ray player.  But she doesn’t plan on missing Thanksgiving.  Her whole family is going to be here. “We have a turkey thawing and we’re going to bring it.”
So with her plans to include the family in her deal waiting, she hopes to have her cake (or bird) and eat it too.  The deals make it worth it for them.  Since the significance of the holiday is–for the most part–a matter of tradition, these campers could be starting something new.  “We have the same neighbors. It has become a tradition,” Diana said.
Of course, as the day goes on, more people are sure to join the line as others who chose to spend Thanksgiving at home during the day, decide to get the jump on black Friday deals.  
So, while I cannot imaging spending 72 hours in front of a big box store just to buy a TV, others make the most of their deal seeking, even combining family traditions with their fellow line sitters.  I hope they remember to give thanks for their good line position.  Meanwhile, I enjoyed our meal and the time with the kinds, grandkids and mom watching the Texans give me a heart attack in their overtime win.  And, oh, was the pumpkin pie good.  I doubt it would have been as good on a lawn chair in front of a closed store.



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3 responses to “Dealing With Tradition

  1. Gabriela

    Your blog was very interesting it did had valueable points why would anyone want to spend Thanksgiving in line rather than spending time with there families.


  2. diana lemus

    i agree with you i worul not see my self on a line waiting for day. i rather seat with my family and watch the texans play.


  3. lucero

    i think is bad that people lose tradiotions for things like black friday


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