Hashtag Phonechoice

It is with deep sadness and frustration (and more that a little anticipation) that I announce that I am ending a 15-year relationship. This tumultuous affair has had its ups and downs and threats of breakups in the past, but as with all relationships, things have usually worked themselves out. This time, however, there will be no reconciliation. I am ending this poisonous relationship once and for all. I am leaving cell phone carrier Sprint.
Now I have to decide which of the other carriers I will trust to provide me excellent customer service, great coverage and blazing fast internet speeds on the most reliable network. I know how marketing works, so I know I cannot simply do a comparison shopping expedition. This will require research, of which I have already started, but also it will require an intangible. I have established a metric that I am curious to see who can best meet.
In this day and age of social media, I am going to see which of the carriers best responds to my situation. I work in a customer service industry, so I know a bit about this area and I fully intend on holding the carriers to a high standard. I have started a hashtag #phonechoice to see who best responds to my need for service. Follow to see who wins.
I am waiting guys. Come and get me.


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