Patriotism or Party

The smoke has cleared and the debris has been collected and the ringing in the ears may fade in another 24-48 hours. Many people will be treating numerous mosquito bites and some may be treating burns. The nation has just finished another holiday and yet again, has shown that most people do not know the reason for the occasion. July 4th is the day that Americans celebrate their Independence. The holiday is called Independence Day and most calendar services automatically label it as such in personal devices. It is hard to find someone who doesn’t know that it is a holiday and most can accurately name the holiday. But, as one comedian pointed out, there is a surprising number of people who cannot tell the reason why, or what the holiday means.

The sad reality is that most Americans (especially those who say “‘Mericans”) don’t care why we celebrate holidays anymore. They only need an excuse to grill food, drink alcohol and party. If they get a chance to blow stuff up, so much the better. This problem is compounded by those people who feel that it makes is OK to party to excess if they post “Support our Troops” on social media as they tap they next keg.

More than 200 years ago, thousands of men fought and died on the battlefield in order to break away from England and form a new nation built on the principles of individual liberty. They fought and died to secure the freedoms we now take for granted, which made the United States the first nation on Earth to have those freedoms provided by government declaration. They fought and died to create a place where people from different backgrounds, cultures and creeds could find the opportunity to determine their own future. Their sacrifice is honored on the anniversary of the signing the Declaration of Independence.

This is Independence Day.

It is unfortunate that so many progressives are now trying to depict this historical event as a terrorist act and attempting to characterize the birth of our once-great nation as oppression. This portrays our history in a negative light which gives progressives an excuse to apologize to the world for our “oppression and domination” and spread hatred of our country in the liberal bastions of academia. The definition of patriotism is now being separated from nationalism in schools so that people can still say they’re patriotic yet decry nationalism as a rhetorical fallacy.

Our country’s birth should always be celebrated. Our forefather’s sacrifices should always be remembered. Patriotism should always be lauded as a term of national pride. Most importantly, however, our freedoms should always be cherished and protected. Enjoy your hot dogs and ribs. Drink your beer. Light your fireworks. Enjoy the day. As you do, remember that the holiday is not about those things. It is not about honoring veterans or service members. It is about remembering the reasons why we have the freedoms to do those things. It should shame anyone who doesn’t know that the 4th of July is called Independence Day because we fought a war for our independence from a repressive government in England in order to procure the individual liberties and freedoms we enjoy today.

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