Breaking Traditions, not Resolutions

It is the time of resolutions. Across the country, nay—across the globe—millions of people are already breaking the resolutions they spent minutes agonizing over on New Year’s Eve as ways to improve their lot in life in the New Year. I skipped that most trite of traditions. Now, many people who know me might be taken aback considering how furiously attached to tradition I am. Indeed, I even managed to venture out of the mountains to find a mall on Christmas Eve for my traditional “last minute” gift shopping. Some traditions, however, are not worth keeping. Such are resolutions. I have made and broken so many in my numerous decades that there is no accounting for them all. Einstein once said that doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results is the definition of insanity. While, for the most part, I consider myself quite sane, I prefer to think of the aforementioned process as learning. I have learned something about myself during these 50 new years I have seen: I won’t keep the resolutions. As such, why bother making them?pullquote1-4-15

What I will do, however, is try to get better about some things without the heavy burden of a “resolution” hanging over my head. The very word conjures up images of a formal document saying “Be it resolved that on January first, in the year of our Lord two-thousand fifteen, I will to the utmost of my being perform the following…” I would like to keep my personal journey in life more personal. No formal decrees need be issued to make me feel guilty when I eventually fail to keep the resolution.

So what I will do is try.

I will try to lose weight.

I will try to exercise more.

I will write more.

Of those three, the last one is probably the easiest. I actually enjoy writing. This past year, however, I have only posted some 15 blogs. That’s barely more than one a month, way down from my first couple of years of blogging when I was posting almost every day. I need to work on that. Of course, finishing my master’s degree is a priority and researching and writing for that takes priority over blogging. Also, I have completed the first draft of my novel. I need to revise it and get it ready for submission. That also takes priority over blogging.

I started writing my novel, Unfinished, more than seven years ago and it sat languishing in writers’ block for a long time before I managed to break out. I made a promise to myself to set deadlines for my writing, so I set December 31st 2014 as the deadline for Unfinished to be at completed first draft. I made that deadline with almost a week to spare. So, my next novel, The Adventures of Braxton Carter has a first draft deadline of December 31st 2015. This also takes priority over blogging.

So will I be posting more blogs this year than last? I hope so, but I’m not holding my breath. I have plenty of ideas for blogs, so it really comes down to when I find time and place to sit and write one. I have done most of my writing for my novel sitting in diners and restaurants over my lunch break. That will probably continue.

2015 offers me the possibility of completing my Masters by December. It offers me the chance to write another novel by the end of December. It offers me the chance to sell Unfinished by year’s end. It also offers me the opportunity to lose weight and exercise more. I kind of view these latter activities as my wish list. I should prioritize them, I know. I know.

I said I know!

Quit badgering me. Sheesh!

So, top priority: Finish masters degree

Second: Revise and sell Unfinished

Third: Write The Adventures of Braxton Carter

Forth: Lose weight

Fifth: Exercise more.

Sixth: Blog more. No. No, that’s too vague. Blog at least every other week. Yeah, that’s a goal.

There. All prioritized and no resolution hanging over my head about it.

Bring it on 2015! I’m going to go finish all my Christmas candy. Can’t let it go to waste, can I? I’ll lose weight when it’s all gone. Don’t look at me like that.


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