What you say

Please feel free to comment on any blog.  Seriously, do it!  Please!  I encourage full discourse on any topic and look forward to reading all viewpoints.  All comments are subject to moderation, however.  While I have no problem with differing viewpoints, I will not approve comments attacking me personally or any others who have commented or using vulgar or offensive language.  Any comment with such language or flaming will be summarily deleted.  Thank you for reading!


5 responses to “What you say

  1. Dave – You did ask, and you have received. I’m afraid the website URL has vulgar and offensive language in it, so I recognize that this comment may not make it to a published state. So be it:


    • Scorpio, I respect your opinion and I appreciate your review. In fact, the lay/lie has been one of my continuing grammatical struggles since high school. I used to have many, but with training and practice, I have overcome most of them. My wife actually pointed that last one out to me but I have not gotten around to fixing it.
      My blog is a meandering travel through my psyche, so it follows that some of my posts will meander themselves. Also, since this is a personal blog and not a professional, commercial enterprise from which I draw revenue (oh, that would just be swell though, wouldn’t it?) I do not put as much effort in my posts as I otherwise would. I do have a full-time job and other responsibilities to keep me busy and keep me from writing as much as I would like.
      I chose to take your comparison to Andy Rooney as a compliment, so thank you for that.
      I will say that the language used in your site URL is terribly inappropriate for a public forum, therefore I have removed the direct link in your comment, but readers can still link back to your review through clicking your name.
      While I have no problem with the ranking you gave me (it is your opinion, after all) I also think the language used in your ranking scale is similarly offensive. I would re-think your use of such if your intention is to be taken as a serious reference for blog reviews.


      • Scorpio Woperchild

        For what it’s worth, Ask and You Shall Receive isn’t my site. I am just a contributing reviewer. And I think you knew the URL and rating scale when you submitted there.

        If you didn’t, well, that’s just poor planning on your part.

        I don’t have an issue with your issue with the language, but you can clearly see it doesn’t bother me. Out of respect to you, I will, of course, refrain from using such language here in your domain.

        And I look forward to ongoing discussions.

        For what it’s worth, I don’t debate. Debates tend to be a waste of time, but I am happy to discuss anything.


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