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The Trouble in Praying

There’s trouble, friend. Yes, there’s trouble. I say we got trouble. Right here in Houston. There’s some politician preachin’ in the stadium, and that spells trouble with a capital ‘T’ and that rhymes with ‘P’ and that stands for preaching.

Well, for some people it seems to be trouble anyway. Texas governor Rick Perry has been backing a national day of prayer event called “The Response” for the past several weeks and it has the political left all up in arms. This prayer event is being held in Reliant Stadium near downtown Houston on Saturday, August 6th. Rick Perry will be in attendance and will speak and I imagine, will pray.

The news has been replete with stories of “activist groups” who oppose the event, oppose Perry’s backing the event and oppose his speaking at it. Some call it an anti-gay event since some of the religious groups sponsoring it are opponents of gay issues.

The most vocal have been the agnostic/atheist groups who claim that Rick Perry’s involvement somehow violates the separation of church and state. This is the claim that gets to me. The supposition seems to be that, once you become a political leader, you cannot express your faith at all. The Response is not a mandatory thing. Rick Perry is not forcing the citizens of Texas to kneel and pray. He is not decreeing that Christianity is the new state religion. He is not saying that people of other beliefs cannot pray in their own fashion.

Governor Perry is simply asking for those who wish to participate to pray for the future of our country.

Rick Perry is Christian. The organizers of The Response are Christians. The event is a call to prayer to Jesus Christ. This is a Christian event. Should political leaders abandon their faith just to satisfy the left? What’s more, Rick Perry is not a minister. He is no preacher, just a man of faith who wishes to freely exercise that faith.

If you choose not to pray, then don’t. But it seems that the anti-Christian movement is actively trying to deny Christians their constitutionally guaranteed right to pray. The leftist agenda has long been trying to water down Christianity by insisting that any public expression of faith MUST include all faiths, which is kind of ironic since it is tantamount to a state-enforced religious structure.

I recommend to every Christian to pray, even if you cannot make it to the stadium. God does not need the stadiums PA system to hear prayers. Pray wherever you are. Our nation desperately needs our prayers, especially at a time when so many are trying to silence them. That’s the real trouble not only here in Houston, but all over the country; trouble with a capital ‘T’.



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Is It Really a Question of Intelligence? Really?

There are not that many things that upset me in life. I try to roll with the punches as often as I can and keep a positive attitude in everything…when it is possible. The times that it is not possible are few, but the biggest trigger I have—the one big button to press if you want to see me upset—is to insult my intelligence. I read the liberal media and blogs and I let a lot of things slide, but some things demand an answer. I am not an ignorant man. I have a college education. I have completed the course of study for a master’s degree with a 4.0 GPA. I am an educator (of sorts…technical training is still education). I can reason my way out of just about any problem with which I am presented.

And I am also a Christian.

There seems to be a wave sweeping the country that the two are mutually exclusive. Many seem to assume that any Christian is a religious nut who lives in a box and refuses to accept that the world is round. These individuals portray Christians as “right-wing red-staters” to discount the conservative political view, assuming that being conservative is fundamental to being a “red-neck” or a hick or any other stereotype associated with ignorance.

This movement posits the notion that all intelligent people must agree that Christianity (or any organized religion) is a fallacy and science is the only true power in the universe. Their reasoning is that science has disproved all the creation ideas of the faithful and has explained, without any doubt, how mankind came to be the dominate life form on this rock, and science will tell you exactly how old that rock is.




Science has no way of determining the exact age of anything older than a few hundred years. All the millions of years that science claims have passed since this planet was formed are based on a mathematical formula extrapolating figures based on another mathematical formula used to determine atomic decay. Folks, have you ever seen an atom decay? I’ll save you the effort of thinking about it. You haven’t. No one has. No one can say for sure how long the Earth has been spinning, unless they were there when it started. And folks—no one alive today was there.

No one has seen a monkey evolve into a man. No one has seen a living dinosaur, so they assume that dinosaurs must have evolved into the species we have today. There is no conclusive proof that says that the Raptor became an eagle or any other bird, though that does not stop scientists from suggesting so. Scientists claim to have mapped the human genome and that there are only the smallest of differences between the human gene sequence and that of any other species. How does this support the claim of evolution? Will they next suggest we evolved from frogs?

There is one basic flaw with science: it relies on facts in evidence at the time. Like a court case, conclusions are made based on the data that the scientist observes and the experiments he or she conducts. This data is then—and pay attention here because this is key—INTERPRETED. This means that the validity is entirely dependent on the person making the conclusion. There have been many cases where a supposed scientific fact has been disputed and disproven. For years, the best scientists in the world believed the Earth was flat. This lasted until an explorer sailed around it. For years it was believed that handling frogs causes warts (and some people still believe this to this day).

Think about nutrition. There is one science that changes its mind daily about what is good for you and what is bad. The one basic flaw keeps popping up. No one can know anything for sure. No one can make a claim and then spend a lifetime observing every possible subject in every possible permutation of situations to base a general claim as a fact. No one can go back in time to observe the big bang and the formation of life on this planet. No one can. There is no conclusive proof that the Earth is in fact 4 billion years old. There is evidence based on theoretical mathematics that supports the conclusion that it is 4 billion years old, but nothing that is without doubt.

There once was a time when scientists admitted that it was all guesswork. But perhaps egos grew too big. Perhaps the push to publish and be authoritative grew too strong, but it was probably a bit of both. Either way, science has become the end-all-be-all of human endeavor. If enough people believe in a thing, it is accepted as fact, even if there is no proof.

People are replacing faith with science; but those same people are accepting science on faith. They believe the conclusions on nothing more than faith in the minds of those who make the claims. The scientists write books explaining their beliefs and the population hold these books as proof to dispute any religious views to the contrary.

I have a book too. In this book, learned men make conclusions based on observation as well as direct testimony. My book is the Bible and I will put it against any book you hold up. You have faith in your science, I have faith in God. I am not ignorant, I am not in denial and I am not burying my head in the sand. I am a reasoning, intelligent man and I believe in God and Jesus Christ.

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