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America The Lost

The end of our way of life is near. This great nation, forged on the heads of tyranny and oppression and that has stood the test of time for more than 200 years is about to collapse into oblivion. What will be left behind will be a shell of what it once was. The fall of America will not come on the canons of some great military battle. Nor will it be lost to an army storming our shores. No. The end of our nation will come from our complete surrender to apathy, laziness and a loss of moral character.

Our society was born on untamed lands, unyielding soil and unexplored vistas against the wishes of a tyrannical monarchy, an indigenous society and despite tremendous odds. The colonists had to work in the fields, mines and shores with bare hands and the most modest of technology to eek out the means of survival. Hard work saw those early Americans through the tough times and hard work forged the foundations of a country that grew in short order to command the world stage.

People set goals and worked to achieve those goals no matter what obstacles—be it famine, flood, hurricane or a poor economy—were thrown in their path. Those who suffered most in the dark times might enjoy the assistance of those more fortunate who could afford to help and whose moral character—based on Christian principals—compelled them to act. There were no Federal programs designed to help those incapable of work.

Many died during the early days of our country from sickness, injury and poverty. There are family histories of despair and disillusionment and the end of the American dream for those who could not succeed in their endeavors. While this is unfortunate, the American dream does not promise happiness; but rather the pursuit of happiness. Similarly, it does not promise success. It does not promise economic well being. It does not promise an education, a job, a paycheck, a new car or a home.

But in our society today, we have bred a generation who believes that by taking residence on American soil, one automatically inherits the benefits of citizenship which must include a free education, free healthcare and even a car. On top of these entitlements, one is not required to work and to suggest the contrary is tantamount to a hate crime.

Those who would remind society of our roots are ridiculed as being outdated. The principles which founded our country and were the instruments of success for more than 200 years are no longer in fashion. Now, one must accept tolerance rather than hard work as the watchword. We must be tolerant of those whose character and principals are different from our own. We must accept those who do not feel that drawing from the public coffers while not contributing to society is an acceptable way to live. And worse, we must push God into a closet and never speak His name in public, because the founding fathers demanded the separation of church and state.

The saddest truth is that when those of moral character are told this, they simply shake their head and mumble to themselves. They do not rail against the opposition. They do not shout from the rooftops at the inequity of lies and perversions of truth that would drive them into silence. The words used to silence the moral conservatives are the very words that give them the power they need to speak out. The first amendment says nothing about separating church and state. It clearly states that congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. That means that the government cannot tell Americans how to worship, nor can it tell American that they cannot worship.

But the new generation would have us believe it means that we cannot worship God without including all religions. This is a perversion on many levels. Inclusion and tolerance have gone too far and are undermining the moral center of our society.

Only when America recognizes the lies being foisted upon it, only when people of conscience realize the depravity of society and only when everyone remembers what hard work is, will the country regain its footing. With hard work comes character. With character comes moral clarity. With moral clarity comes a better America.


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