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The Sweet and the Bitter of Election Day

Tuesday the 8th of November, 2016 will be a bittersweet day for many people in this country, if not the whole world. It is the date that the worst campaign in the history of this country will officially end, which is the sweet part. The bitter part is that it is also the date that we will have elected the person who will no doubt go down in history as one of the worst world leaders ever. It is not because we have been forced against our will to endorse a tyrant, but rather we have degraded the principles of liberty so much that the citizens of this country no longer know any better than to elect people based not on capability, but instead on popularity. Knowledge and logic have been supplanted by feelings.

This is not new to this election cycle, unfortunately. The election of Barack Obama was the first time a president was chosen not because of skill, knowledge, or experience, but rather because of social popularity. Obama was not elected because he was the most capable, he was elected because people thought it was time we had a black man in the White House. This election is another opportunity for the populists who want social justice to ring their bell by not electing the best candidate, but by electing the first woman to the presidency. In fact, it has become the media catch phrase as pundits tout how America will make history by electing Hillary Clinton.

The social justice warriors who gave us affirmative action and hiring quotas are now trying to staff the White House, as if the qualifications for that job are limited to the color of one’s skin or the gender to which they self-identify. A knowledge of history, or law, or economics or anything understood to be a formal education are not even mentioned in the candidate selection process. None of the candidates who ran in either primary touted their academic credentials. Very few of them mentioned their relevant experience. All of them threw out their feelings on the issues about which the media had drummed the populace into a frenzy and batted sound bites around like a litter of puppies fighting over a toy, and we the people watched with similar fascination as we decried the responses that hurt our feelings and shouted along with the ones that echoed our own beliefs.

As a society, we have become so focused on feelings, that real matters that have meaning are relegated to whispers among the like minded, too afraid to speak out in public for fear of being labeled a bigot, racist, misogynist, extremist, leftist, right-wing, birther, libtard. If we cannot discuss the serious matters facing society as a whole, how can we hope to find a leader willing to do it? We can’t. This is why our politicians have become so impotent lately. They are afraid of being on the losing side of legislation being voted on by a public who cannot be counted on to actually learn anything different from their preconceived notions and ideals and who think it is time we had a woman in the White House even if that woman is a proven manipulative, elitist liar who doesn’t even think members of her own party are worthy of consideration.

Clinton said in an interview that she wants to be the president of those who vote for her and those who vote against her. Well, that is as stupid a statement as any candidate has ever made, but nothing more can be expected from someone who has manipulated the system at every turn to ensure her victory in the election, even going so far as to have defrauded the country by negotiating back room deals, including selecting her opponent, to lock in her win, no matter the outcome of the ballot count. When Hillary is announced as the winner (and she will be) understand it will not be because of the ballots cast. It will be because she defrauded an already corrupted process and was validated by a population that wanted a woman—any woman—president. Wednesday morning, there will be no more campaign commercials and no more news time devoted to the campaigns, but we will have someone who will no doubt end up being the worst president in history sitting in the White House. Bittersweet indeed.

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The People Vs. Justice

The streets are full of idiots these days.  Mobs of people interrupted traffic on 288 yesterday and more protests are planned by people who think that the Zimmerman trial is an indication that our justice system is broken because Zimmerman was found not guilty. The verdict means, however, that the opposite is true.  This is yet another case of someone being tried (or in this case, retried) in the court of public opinion.   This court does not care for the rule of law, it makes decisions on nothing more than sensationalism and ideology; facts are to be ignored.  In this case, Trayvon Martin, a young black male, was shot and killed by Zimmerman, an Hispanic member of a neighborhood watch program who thought Martin was engaged in criminal activity.  Zimmerman followed Martin, claiming that Martin was behaving suspiciously.  A fight ensued ending in gun fire.
In most cases, this would not have made national news, but in this case, Martin is black and Zimmerman has a white-sounding name.  The fact that he is Hispanic doesn’t even enter into the discussion.  Some people claim that he is half-white–as if he was contaminated by racism since he has some white in him.  The police didn’t initially arrest him and the prosecutor didn’t initially charge him.  It was only after the race-baiters got involved were any criminal proceedings initiated.
After several years of media scrutiny, the trial began and in the end, Zimmerman was found not guilty by a jury of his peers (if you consider 6 white women the peers of a Latino male) after 16 hours of deliberation.  The facts of the case are simple: the police didn’t think there was evidence of murder, the prosecutors didn’t think there was evidence of murder, but the media thought there was and the media ran story after story and pushed the issue to the federal government to force Florida to try Zimmerman for murder.  Now, when the evidence that prompted the cops and prosecutors not to press charges initially was put before a jury, they don’t find evidence of murder either.
But the story doesn’t stop there.
Now the same people who wanted to lynch Zimmerman in the first place are organizing protests across the country, as if doing so will force the courts to reverse the verdict.  Marches in most major cities disrupted traffic and caused economic troubles for merchants and businesses.  Did any of it help the Martin family deal with the loss of their son?  Probably not, but that didn’t stop the court of public opinion.
Again, this court doesn’t care about facts.  All they care about is creating a firestorm of public outrage and getting media attention to further their political aims.  This highlights one underlying problem in America: racism cannot be allowed to die.  It is not the white population that is fostering racism in America these days.  It is the black leadership establishment who cannot exist in a society without racism.  If everyone was color blind, there would be no need to have lobbyists in Washington to promote affirmative action.  There would be no need for new legislation forcing people to consider race in staffing decisions, promotions, educational admissions or any other facet of life, which would mean that an entire industry would cease to exist.
We as a country have elected a black president–twice.  This was done not just because every black person voted for him, but because people from all races (having lost their minds) voted for him.  This tells me that we as a society have moved beyond race, much to the dismay of those who constantly insist that America is racist.  These ideas are even apparent to the supreme court, who decided that America has moved far enough away from the racial divides of the early part of our history to repeal racially motivated restrictions on election polling policies.
But that isn’t good enough for the far left.  They want to remind any and everyone that America has a history that includes slavery and because of that, it will ALWAYS be a racist country, filled with racist whites who want nothing more than to kill the black man with impunity.
Martin was killed.  This is a tragedy.  There is no denying that.  But the American justice system, having had its arm twisted into knots by the left, still found that his death was not murder nor was it manslaughter.  The evidence has spoken and a jury has issued its verdict.  The justice system has worked as it is designed to.  We have to remember that the justice system is not designed to punish the guilty, but rather to protect the innocent.  Even if it means protecting the innocent from a racially motivated lynch mob hell-bent on issuing opinion-based verdicts that have no basis in the truth that wish to maintain an anti racist system that promotes racism.

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But Is Reid Wrong?

Racism is generally considered a bad thing. If you poll most Americans, they will tell you that they do not support racism or racist views. If you consult leading media experts they will denounce racism as cutting the very underpinnings of a society based on equality for all. While there are many who do embrace a racial bias, whether because they truly believe in any racial superiority or simply because that is the way they were raised, most people do think that everyone should have the same rights regardless of the color of the skin.

Having said that, there is a difference in the color of skin.

We are not all made up the same way. We are not all carbon copies of one another and to ignore the differences that do exist is foolhardy. We all make decisions and judgments based on any number of factors, and yes, one of those factors is color. We may not want to—we may deny that we do, but all the same, there it is. Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) has been raked over the coals for remarks he made during the 2008 Obama campaign. He asserted that Obama only got elected because he is a light-skinned black man who does not speak with an ethnic dialect.

His actual words were: ‘light-skinned’ African American ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

Horror of horrors! How dare he say that! Not about Obama!

How about the fact that every word he spoke was the truth? Barak Obama would not have gotten elected if he looked or spoke like Flavor Flav. But it is not just a racial issue. No person would get elected if that person did not speak with articulate eloquence that indicates intelligence. Even George W, who admittedly is not the brightest bulb in the pack, did not speak like a hick redneck when running for office. If you aspire to high public office, you cannot speak with any dialect that belies ignorance, whether you’re black, white, brown, yellow or purple.

Many black (African American) people have thrown their hats in the presidential ring over the years, but none of them managed to garner their party’s nomination. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson regularly attempt to run, but fail to get very far. Obama pulled it off because he did not speak with any hint of an ethnic dialect. During the campaign, some in the black community accused him of selling out—of talking like a white man in order to get elected. This is true—and not. He didn’t talk like a “white man,” but then again, he didn’t talk like many black men. He spoke the English language the way it was meant to be spoken. He used the language properly, something that many people have forgotten how to do. That is not denigration, it is a compliment. I do not like Obama as president—he did not have enough experience for the job (a fact that is being borne out by this mess of an administration)—but I like that he is intelligent and articulate. He speaks with purpose and clarity. He does not muddle his sentences with mindless rhetoric or inane colloquialisms. He is a great public speaker.

Not a great president, but a great speaker.

If he were not as good a speaker as he is, he would not have gotten elected. It is as simple as that. That is what Harry Reid said during the campaign and that is what he is apologizing for.

Now, I am a conservative Republican so it may come as a surprise that I do not think Reid should be fired. Of course, the GOP just wants a shot at filling his vacated seat if he were fired, so that is understandable. The democrats, however, are closing ranks around Reid saying that he didn’t mean any harm by his comments, that he meant it as a compliment. Obama says he didn’t mind the remark and he accepted Reid’s apology and wanted to put the whole incident behind him.

Should he have apologized in the first place? If so, why? He spoke the truth. What is wrong with stating the obvious?

There is too much emphasis on being “politically correct” and “racially sensitive” these days. People are afraid to speak their minds for fear of offending someone. Even the movie “Avatar,” a fantasy film set in the future in a foreign planet, has been targeted as being racially insensitive. Get a grip people! If you are not white, it does not mean that everyone is out to insult you. People are too sensitive these days. We need to develop thicker skin and let things slide. It’s not all about race. Heck, we have a black (almond mocha?) president, so stop playing the race card and focus on the issues and problems facing this country.

Judge Obama by his actions and his policies. He may be a bad president, but he is a great speaker. Look past the color of his skin and if you do, you will see Harry Reid was entirely correct. Obama is a ‘light-skinned’ African American ‘with no Negro dialect.’


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