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Not on My Dime

Once upon a time, a high school girl and her boyfriend found out they were expected a child in her junior year. She dropped out to have the baby while he dropped out to get a job. They struggled to make a life for their little family for a number of years while living with her parents before he left to find a better life elsewhere. She never graduated and lived off of her parents and what little support the baby’s father did provide. Once the child was old enough, she tried to find a job, but without a high school diploma, no one would hire her at a pay level to afford day care and provide for herself and her child. She lived on welfare and the generosity of others until the child entered high school. The young mom finally got her GED and found a grant and several college loans to pay for college, which she attended regularly until she earned her degree. She found a job making enough money to pay back her loans and provide for her life and family.

The baby’s father found a manual labor job working in the oil fields making pretty good money. He paid his child support and was an attentive father when he was able to spend time with his child, which wasn’t often, as he had to work a lot of over time to make ends meet. He advanced at his job until one day when his supervisor asked to speak with him about his future. The young man was capable and reliable and the company thought he would be a good candidate to move into a leadership position. The only problem was that he didn’t have a degree. He had not even finished high school. In order to keep his job, he did manage to get his GED, but he was unwilling to go to college. He enjoyed his job as it was and had no wish to take on more responsibility.2015-01-09_1246

Today, the president of the United States made a proclamation that every American should have two years of free college education. Of course, it won’t be free. It will have to be paid for by taxes. He did magnanimously offer to let the states split the cost, which will just mean state taxes will help the federal taxes pay for it. Either way, it is coming out of the pockets of every American. This is wrong on so many levels, but I will try to narrow it down to two or three key points. First, not every American wants or should have a college education. Second, the history of this nation is based on individual sacrifice for individual success. Americans who scraped and saved and worked their butts off for a college degree should not have to pay for everyone else to have one handed to them. Third, once the government gets involved in education, it will turn colleges into degree mills with success being measured by the number of degrees issued rather than the quality of the education offered.

I taught freshman composition for two years at a state supported four-year university. It was a major turning point in my life; putting me on my current career path in corporate training. After fifteen years in front of a classroom I can say with no reservation that the colleges are already filled with thousands of students who have no business being in college. I had at least one student in each of my comp classes who was in school only because it was either that, or get out of their parent’s house and find gainful employment. Neither option appealed to most of these kids and their work and attendance showed it. They were wasting their parents’ money and my time—taking my attention away from other students who needed it.

Even now, in my role in learning and development, I meet adults who just do not possess the mental capacity to learn complicated thought processes or critical thinking skills. They are simple folk who know how to do what they need to do. Why should they be bothered with higher education? Just because it’s free?

America takes all kinds of people. Some are thinkers and some are doers. There are plenty of jobs that still need to be done that require no degree. In fact, even a high school diploma is wasted on some of these jobs, but they still need to be done. TV host Mike Rowe highlights many of these jobs in his cable TV show. These jobs require hard labor and a good work ethic. Many of them are not pleasant and not many people want to do them. Those who do, do not need formal education to perform them. Having the workers spend two years of tax payers’ dollars to get an associate’s degree would be a fundamental waste of money. But then again, that is what government is best at, isn’t it?2015-01-09_1245

Public education has been the law of the land since before the Constitution was written, and many of the most successful people throughout history have benefitted from state-sponsored learning. The flipside of that is the millions of people who drop out or barely pass gaining absolutely no benefit from 12 years of coerced mandated attendance. Many schools are merely churning out as many kids as the state requires in order to maintain their funding. The quality of the education is secondary to the process of moving the kids along the conveyor belt to graduation. Now the administration wishes to extend that process another two years on taxpayer’s dimes. Nothing will improve.

The utopia that the progressive leftists dream about is a land where every person in the land has a college degree, is in peak physical condition, does not worship any one diety, does not think or believe in any way that is contrary to the populous and does not question the authority of the state, since after all, the state is doing such a good job taking care of them. This ensures that every citizen is able to contribute to the welfare state with the taxes collected from the high paying jobs they get after graduating. The unfortunate reality is that the state cannot take care of the populous, since many humans are not lemmings willing follow blindly the leadership of others. Not every person is cut out for college. Not every person will benefit from a college education. Not every job requires a college education.

In his address, Obama started off making a broad generalization that, on the surface, is easy to support. “I think everybody understands that it [education] is the key for success for our kids in the 21st century.” I have already poked holes in that assertion.

He went on to say, “It’s not just for kids. We also have to make sure that everybody has the opportunity to constantly train themselves for better jobs, better wages, better benefits.” This is so Americans can earn more, thus providing more tax revenue for the nanny state programs.

“It’s something that we can accomplish, and it’s something that will train our workforce so that we can compete with anybody in the world,” he said, adding “So that it benefits everybody and not just some.” Again, this is the socialist agenda at work, absolving the citizen (drone) of any personal responsibility and by extension, initiative.

There are already many programs in place to help those who wish to get a college education if those people are willing to work for it. The GI Bill pays for a full degree for those willing to serve in the military. There are grants available for those lower income families who wish to improve their situation. Many corporation offer tuition reimbursement for employees who wish to go to college. The reality is that many people who don’t have a degree don’t want one.

Those who do complete college feel a great sense of accomplishment in doing so. A four-year degree requires dedication, hard work, discipline and a significant investment in time and money. Not so many high school graduates feel that same level of accomplishment because while high school does take four-years, even the laziest student can complete it with the least amount of effort. In fact, it is almost impossible to fail at this point. High schools all over the country are turning out kids with diplomas who cannot read past a seventh grade level.

Obama would have us believe that every American is like our young mom; willing to work hard to make a better life for herself with a college degree. This is not the most common case. We have several citizens who cannot read, not because they didn’t go to college, but rather because our public education system does not work properly. If we wish to fix the problem of literacy in our country, if we wish to have a generation of educated citizens, sending the illiterate to college won’t do it. We have to stop graduating illiterate kids from high school, and we have to imbue a sense of responsibility in our young. The welfare state is the exact opposite way to do that.

Do not support this initiative. If people want education opportunities, let them work to pay for them as people have done for generations. They will value them more and work harder to be successful at them.

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Of the people, by the people

The Obama administration drove another nail into America’s coffin this week as Secretary of State Kerry signed off on the United Nations arms treaty.  The senate is set to vote on ratifying this treaty soon.  The treaty is supposed to allow for the UN to have some control over the wholesale transfer of weapons to rogue states, ostensibly to curtail acts of terror or war crimes.  This could lead to limiting the way organized crime gets armed, such as Somali pirates or drug cartels.  But the language of the treaty provides a slippery slope that could affect American citizens in a very real way, as the treaty could be used as justification for any number of local restrictions that currently cannot be implemented because of the second amendment.  The real concern Americans should have is that this treaty–which may have a direct influence on American daily life–was not written by Americans.  It was written by politicians from other countries.  Because of this, the senate must not ratify this treaty.  No law affecting Americans should be written by anyone who is not an American citizen.  We should be writing treaties for them to ratify, not the other way around.


There is a move afoot to adopt a global outlook on all aspects of life.  Businesses love this because it opens new markets and new opportunities to make money.  Liberals love this because it plays into their dream of a unified, classless society where everyone is the same.  Politicians love this because it could give them more power over more people.  The unfortunate truth of this is that it will be nearly impossible to have  global society because of he simple fact that human nature will not allow it.  For globalism to work, people must assume that everyone is on the same level and has the same opportunities and the same limitations.  Everyone else, that is.
No one want to be one of a million; they want to be one in a million.  Everyone in America has been told from infancy that they are special, unique and worthy of praise.  That means that they believe they are better than everyone else.  If everyone is special, then no one is special, and that just won’t do.  This is human nature, even with the few exceptions of truly altruistic individuals who would sacrifice the shirt off their backs for those less fortunate.  Most people won’t make that sacrifice, however.
Another reason globalism will not work is the great cultural divide.  The many nations of this world have long histories wherein their culture has been defined and defended over centuries.  While some cultures intermingle their similarities, there are many cultures that are diametrically opposed to others and cannot coexist in the same space.  Islam and Judaism have a long history of animus that would have to be overcome before any great intermingling could happen.  Many liberals would love for all religion to be outlawed in order to facilitate this gobalistic dream.  If there were no religions, they say, there would be no wars.  More blood has been spilled, they continue, in the name of God than for any other reason.  Unfortunately, to outlaw religion is unrealistic as it is the cornerstone of life for many people, groups, communities and nations.  People will not give up their faith simply because some group of nations tells them to.  Every nation has a long history of sovereignty.  The United States is still one of the youngest nations in the world and has more than 200 years of laws on the books.  These laws were written by the people and for the people.  The American democracy for many of those 200 years was admired as a model representational government.  This admiration was not universal, however, and many nations openly resented the American way of life as too decadent and indulgent.  Other nations have been in existence since the dawn of recorded history and they, too, have their own laws.  While many nations have similar laws on the books, several nations have laws that are quite specific to their people and situations.  The American revolution occurred because the colonists did not feel that they should have to live under British laws, since they didn’t live in Britain.  The first thing they did was draft laws that were specific to the people living in the colonies.  These founding laws did not apply to anyone not living in the country and were not enforceable outside the country’s borders.  That is a basic premise of sovereignty.  No country can enforce its laws on another country.
The act of imposing national will outside the boundaries of the nation is imperialism.  America has often been cited as being morally imperialistic with regards to human rights issues, but while those incidents have ignited fierce political debate and even some military interventions, those actions were in response to crimes against the people that were already on the books in those countries.  As unfortunate as military intervention in another country may be, it was action taken against a regime, not against individual citizens.
In a global society, there is no sovereignty.  There is no local government.  Enforcement could be handled by military from some other country under the auspices of the UN.  Uniformed soldiers bearing the UN insignia could roll down mainstreet America policing our citizens, arresting them and charging them with violations of laws that the citizens had no part in creating.  That is not representational government and that is the danger we face if the senate ratifies the treaty Mr. Kerry signed last week.
In America, we write our own laws.  We do not need some other government telling us what is wrong and what is right.  Granted, the treaty as written does not directly address the people of the United States, but if ratified, it could open the door for more intrusive treaties and allow for our current socialist-leaning regime to try to enact counter-constitutional laws under the auspices of honoring the treaties.  Best to nip this Obama end-run in the bud.  Contact your senators and tell them–no–demand that they vote no on ratification of the treaty.

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